Lie Close To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 5)(4)

By: Cynthia Eden

Her hand lifted. She even had one of those white bracelets around her wrist. The kind the staff always gave to patients when they entered a hospital.

Her hand dropped. She stared around once more. This wasn’t a hospital. Or, at least, it wasn’t one that had been in operation any time recently. There was no furniture in the room. No bed. Nothing. A door waited a few feet away, but it was closed.

There were no sounds that reached her. Nothing at all.

Her heart beat faster.

How did I get here?

She rose. Her knees felt a little weak, but they held her up. The paper gown brushed over her legs. She felt a draft near her ass, and, automatically, her hand slid behind her as she tried to pull the gown closed.

Her bare feet shuffled forward. She reached for the door. Opened it and found herself staring at a hospital corridor. Or, at least, that was what it looked like. A long hallway, one that had dozens of doors branching off from it. There was what appeared to be a nurse’s station up ahead, only that station was empty.

No computers. No office supplies.

No nurses.

The whole place was eerily silent, and it smelled old. Stale. As if it had been shut down for a very long time.

What in the hell was happening?

“Hello?” Her voice seemed to echo back to her. “Is anyone else here? I-I need help.”

Nothing. She hurried forward, shoving open the doors and finding room after room to be empty.


Her breath heaved out of her as she moved faster and faster. This whole set-up was wrong. How had she gotten to this place? Why was she in a hospital gown? And—

She stilled.

Who in the hell am I?

The last question had her heart constricting in her chest. Her gaze flew frantically around. She knew she was in some kind of abandoned hospital. She could recognize what a hospital was. Just as she knew what doors were and that she was wearing a hospital gown. She could see things and recognize them, but…

She had no idea who she was.

Her gaze jerked down, going to her right wrist. Going to the plastic, white band that circled her wrist. She held it up to her eyes, staring at the small letters that had been neatly typed there.

Luna Ashton.

If anything, the constriction in her chest got worse. There was nothing else written on the bracelet, just that name. No date of birth, no blood type, nothing else.

What was happening? It felt as if she were trapped in some kind of nightmare. She pinched herself, hard, wanting to wake up, right the hell now.

A faint sound had her tensing. The soft pad of a shoe?

The sound had come from behind her, back down that long corridor that she’d desperately searched. She whipped around, her hand flying to her chest, and a scream getting stuck in her throat because—suddenly—she wasn’t alone any longer.

He was there.

A man with black hair, cut short and close. A guy with broad shoulders and a built, powerful physique that stretched the battered coat and black t-shirt he wore. Jeans covered his long legs and black boots were on his feet. He stared at her, watching her with an intense, almost burning green gaze. A faint line of stubble covered his hard jaw, and his hands were clenched at his sides.

Uh, oh. Every instinct she had screamed a wild warning. This guy wasn’t the cavalry. He was trouble. Danger with a big, giant D.

“Luna…” His voice was deep, growling.

She backed up a step. He knew her. Well, he knew the name on her bracelet. Goosebumps rose on her arms.

He advanced.

“Stop!” The yell emerged from her throat, sounding raw and desperate. She felt raw and desperate, so the sound made sense.

And he…stopped. Froze at her command.

“Stay away from me.” Again, desperation sharpened her words, making them high and shrill.

He shook his dark head. “Not possible.”

What? He’d better make it possible.

“I came here for you,” he continued in the deep voice that made her goosebumps worse. “Followed your trail.” His gaze swept over her. “Even when you cut out the tracker.”

She didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Enough games, Luna. You know you can count on me.” He lifted his hand toward her.

But she—Luna, I’m Luna—shook her head. “I don’t know you at all. Why would I ever count on you?”