Lie Close To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 5)(2)

By: Cynthia Eden

“I’m the team leader. No one who belongs to me goes out alone.”

She didn’t belong to him, though. She didn’t fit in with the others. Something had gone wrong with her experiment. Maybe the preservation process hadn’t been handled properly. Maybe she hadn’t received enough of the Lazarus serum. Whatever had happened… “They’re going to terminate me.”

Silence. Cold. Ice.

Luna swallowed. Luna—that was her name. She knew because they’d told her. They—the doctors in the white lab coats. She’d actually awoken with no memories at all. They’d said she volunteered to be part of Project Lazarus. That she’d once been an Air Force pilot. That—

“No.” His voice seemed to slam through her whole body. “You aren’t being terminated. I won’t fucking let them do that to you.”

For once, he wasn’t controlled. She could feel his fury. And it wasn’t cold.

“It won’t happen.” Again, his rage blasted at her.

But she could hear footsteps coming toward her. The doctors. She knew what they’d do. They’d tranq her so that she couldn’t fight them. The tranq would put her to sleep, and she’d just never wake up again. A painless way to go, she supposed.

They’d killed her before. As part of the experiment. To make sure that she could come back from death like the other test subjects did. And she did rise. But…

Each time she died, she lost all of her memories again. The other test subjects didn’t remember their lives before they’d come to Lazarus, but they could recall everything since they’d been given the Lazarus serum. They remembered their government missions, their life at the Lazarus facility. They could die, and come back, and they’d still remember everything that had happened to them after they’d woken as Lazarus subjects.

Each time she died, she lost it all.

And her emotions raged out of control.

Was it any wonder she’d been put up for termination? But… “I don’t want to die.” Luna knew her pain would transmit in her psychic message.

“I won’t let them do this to you!” It was like he was roaring in her head. And for just a moment, she actually had a fast impression of him in his room. She could do that, sometimes, see through his eyes. Usually when she was stressed and scared as all hell. He was slamming his powerful fists into his door. Knocking in the metal that should have been even stronger than he was. Only…She didn’t think anything was stronger than Maddox.

My Maddox.

If only. Another life.

Blood spilled from his fists and that door flew inward. She had the fast impression of guards, running toward him. Shock was on their faces. And their hands—they had tranq guns in their hands. As far as she knew, they’d never used those tranqs on Maddox before. He was the leader. He was ice. He was—

The guards fired. He roared and took two of them down. They just seemed to fall before him.

More shots were fired, and suddenly, the world that she saw through Maddox’s eyes went dark.

And she could only see her own room. Her own cell. So small. She was still on the floor. Still had her arms locked around her knees. Maddox had been fighting to reach her. He’d been fighting for her.

“I don’t want to die,” Luna whispered.

Her door opened. She expected to see guards. Instead, it was two doctors. Doctors in their lab coats with their fake smiles. A woman with red hair. A man with brown hair.

The woman inclined her head toward Luna. “We need you to come with us.”

Maddox had fought.

So would she.

Luna rose to her feet. Her hands fisted at her sides. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

The fake smiles froze.

Luna squared her shoulders. “But you aren’t going to terminate me.”

The redheaded doctor shouted for the guards. Too late. Luna was fast. So fast. Faster than she’d ever shown them. She rushed forward and shoved the woman and the male out of her way. They flew back, collided with the walls, and then Luna was in the corridor. She could hear the footsteps of guards rushing toward her, but she didn’t slow down. She just pushed herself faster, harder. Her bare feet hit against the tiled floor. She hurried forward, wanting to get to the stairs. If she could get to the upper level of the facility, she could break through a window or door and get outside. Once outside, she could run. She’d never stop running.