Lawfully Loved (Texas Lawkeeper Romance)(43)

By: Jenna Brandt

My angels in heaven: my grandmother, who passed away in 2001; my infant son, Dylan, who was taken by SIDS four years ago; and my father, two years ago.

Lorana Hoopes for editing my book and being a wonderful critique partner.

To my Beta Bells for giving me insight and letting me know what to change and why. Your ideas helped make this a better book.

To my ARC Angels for taking the time to read my story and give valuable feedback.

To the Jenna Brandt Books Street Team, who have pounded the virtual streets on the internet, helping to spread the words about my books. Your dedication means a great deal.

To my partners in this adventure creating The Lawkeepers Series: Annie Boone, Kate Cambridge and Lorana Hoopes.