Last Gift(6)

By: Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

“God, Nick, the feeling—” her words are choked off as I attack her clit with my tongue, lightly nipping it and then sucking it into my mouth to soothe the tiny pains.

I will never get enough of her. Never. I drink at her fountain, working her with my tongue and lips and teeth and fingers until she is thrashing and crying meaninglessly above me. The fervor of her want makes me crazy with lust and I rear up on my knees and thrust inside her, one swift motion which sets her off again and I can feel the soft walls of her vagina hotly clutching at me. I grit my teeth to keep from coming at that very moment.

I have no restraint now. I am no better than an animal. Dragging her hips up, I pump into her.

“You feel amazing, always so amazing,” I gasp between thrusts. Daisy looks up at me, wordless with love, and I bend down to take her mouth in mine. I rub my tongue against hers, the same profane motion I make with my cock inside of her cunt. She moans and I revel in the dual sensations of being surrounded by her wet, hot enclosures.

“Faster, Nick,” she pleads with me. “Don’t stop.”

Her hips are now moving in that same round motion as she made when she walked up the stairs, only faster now and with less perfect rhythm. The glide of her hot cunt against my shaft feels like heaven. The pleasure of our joining is almost too much.

Her fingers dig into my thighs and as I feel the bite of the nails in my flesh I recognize how close she is to coming again. My balls tighten as I increase the pace of our mating.

“Now, come for me now.” I demand. Her body rises off the bed bowed by the force of her orgasm. I shout out my release and pound into her until I feel like I am jetting my come throughout her entire body. Nothing in this world is as good as being inside her. I collapse, sweaty and spent onto her body and her arms and legs close about me holding me close.

“You are my beloved, Daisy, as I am yours. Do not ever let go.”

“I won’t Nick,” she whispers into my ear. I do not know who clutches the other closer but I think it is me.

~~ * ~~


I never thought Christmas would be such a delicate situation. But then again, I never thought of myself with someone like Nick.

I stuff my hands inside my coat pockets and watch my breath blow, frozen, into the air. I’m skipping class. I should be prepping for finals, but somehow, I am here on the street, waiting at the bus stop. This is more important than classes. It’s imperative that I get Christmas right for my Nick, so that we set the tone for our future together. I want to show him how good life with me can be. How sweet it is to be loved purely for who you are, not who hires you.

It’s these thoughts that go through my mind as I take the bus to the rougher part of town and hop off two blocks from a gun store. I walk briskly. It’s cold and icy, but it’s early and there’s hardly anyone on the street. I feel safe, oddly enough; my love is a hitman, and I have met the Bratva head on. Street thugs seem almost a foolish worry now.

I head into the gun store and smile at the man behind the counter.

He gives me a skeptical look, as if I’ve taken a wrong turn. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for a Christmas present for my…boyfriend.” I frown at the word. There’s probably a better one for what Nick is to me. He is my everything. But we’re not married. We’re not even engaged.

“What kind of gun?” the man asks.

I step up to the counter and peer at the weapons there. Immediately, I’m crestfallen at the sight. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the handguns, pistols, and assorted weaponry in the cases.

It’s that I realize it’s an entirely wrong gift for my Nick.

We’re trying to move away from guns and death, he and I. If I got him one, what kind of message would I be sending? Here is what you are, and what you will always be. A killer.

I bite my lip. This feels wrong. My Nick is so much more than this, than a man who deserves nothing more than weapons.

“Actually,” I murmur. “I think I have changed my mind.” I give the man a quick smile and turn and leave, heading right back for the bus.

I think about Nick as I wait for the bus, and I think about him on the way back to the part of town where we live. I’ll go back to the campus shortly, so he won’t suspect I’ve been away, but I head to our apartment first. I have an idea of what to get Nick after all.