Last Gift(5)

By: Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

This time she does laugh outright. “She’s probably wearing fake eyelashes, Nick! And she was flirting with you. She wants you to call her to take her out for coffee.”

“But I am with you Daisy, for always. Why would I want to have coffee with a girl with spiders on her eyes?”

She reaches over and lays her head against my arm. “I love you Nick. I love that you are completely clueless because otherwise I’d probably be tormented by jealousy.”

“There will never be anyone but you.” A break in traffic allows me a moment to drop a quick kiss on the top of her head. “Also, we will be home soon. I will show you what I mean.”

She shivers. “I can’t wait.”

Me either.

~~ * ~~

I am riveted by the sway of Daisy’s hips as she walks up the stairs in front of me. They seem to be saying something. This is the first refrain of the siren’s song. Follow me. Follow me.

“I am,” I whisper beneath my breath. “Anyway, even unto my own death.”

“What’s that?” she says.

“Your hips,” I tell her, for I keep nothing from my Daisy. Well, almost nothing. The car is a gift and so that will be secret until it is delivered. “They call to me. I think your body wants something from me.”

“Is that right?” she murmurs. Her innocence has given way to naughtiness and it is a change that I revel in. The words she says are subtext for the want simmering beneath the surface, the desire that has been building since we climbed into the car.

“It is so, kotyonok.” I have reached the step that she is standing on. I’m taller than Daisy, stronger, too, but she does not shrink from me. Instead, she rises on her tiptoes and places her mouth against my chin.

“What do you think my body wants?”

“I promised to show you.” I lift her effortlessly into my arms although my muscles tremble when she begins to dot open-mouthed kisses along my jaw line. My knees become weak as her tongue finds the hollow of my throat. I am but putty in her soft hands. Somehow I manage to unlock the door and carry Daisy to our bedroom. It takes a super-human effort and I think I am only upright because my cock is so hard that I can barely bend over to lay Daisy on the covers.

Her eyelids are heavy again, weighted down by lust. I dispense with my clothes swiftly. I know she likes to watch but I’m too eager to be inside her. I confess my weakness.

“I cannot wait to feel the hot glove of your cunt squeezing me.”

Her eyes flare at my words. Holding my heavy erection, I stroke it roughly, squeezing out drops of come and spreading it around the thick member for lubrication.

“Come here, then.”

At her invitation, I fall upon her, pulling off her coat and sweater. I pause then to savor her pendulous breasts that are swaying with her effort to remove the rest of her clothes. Palming each breast with a hand, I bury my face in the valley between the pale mounds, my thumbs rubbing gently over each nipple. They are erect almost immediately.

Her sensitivity astounds me and I am tempted to simply suckle on her breasts until she grinds to completion riding my thigh. But the ache in my cock is unrelenting. Later, then, I promise myself and kiss of the tops of each breast before removing the bra that confines them.

Impatiently she makes a frustrated sound that her tights and skirt are caught at my hard thigh. Moving, I help her until we are flesh to flesh. We fall back onto the bed, my mouth on hers and my hand between her legs.

She is wet, always so wet for me. Her thighs tighten around my hand and she begins to ride me even before I’ve touched her.

My fingers thread through her curls that shield her lower lips and her eager little clit that pushes up and demands attention. I ignore it, though, spreading her labia apart and reveling in the juicy sounds her cunt makes as I ease two fingers inside of her and thrust quickly.

The thready sounds of her need fill the air. “Yes, Nikolai, I need you.”

“I can feel it,” I growl moving down her body. “I want to taste it first.”

I nip at her clit and feel a corresponding tightening around the two fingers moving relentlessly inside her. Her soft flesh against my tongue makes me close my eyes in pleasure. I need the taste of her to flood my throat and coat my mouth. Using both hands, I spread her wide for me and spear my tongue inside her. She grips my head with both hands, tugging at me and pushing me away at the same time.