Last Gift(4)

By: Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

They shout out answers.




The last is from Callie. I point to her. “You get a car as a gift?”

“I wish,” she shakes her head. “But I’d like one. You giving them out?”

I nod slowly. “Yes. Yes, I think I am.” I clasp Callie around her shoulder, like she is a good comrade. “Thank you for your friendship.”

Turning, I head for the rental car. I am excited. Very excited. I am going to buy Daisy a car for Christmas.

When I arrive at Daisy’s college campus, my spirits are high and I care not that Daisy is surrounded by males—two at least. The third I am not so sure of. There are females there too. I wonder what they discuss. Perhaps gifts. I hope one of them wishes for a car so that Daisy will understand how normal this gift is. As I approach, I study the other individuals surrounding her to see what they might have that Daisy does not. Her coat is keeping her warm. I would like to buy her a fur but Daisy says that she doesn’t like the thought of wearing all those dead animals.

“Nick!” Daisy hails me immediately. She draws me into the crowd and I lean down to kiss her, just a small brush of my lips against hers. Then, to be sure, everyone understands that Daisy is under my protection, I place my gloved hand around the back of her collared neck.

“All done kotyonok?”

She nods eagerly and waves goodbye to her friends. “You seem in a pretty good mood.”

“Da, I run over motorist on the way here. Very satisfying.”

“Nick,” she exclaims, batting at my arm.

“Little hitman humor,” I joke.

Suddenly she stops and turns me to face her. “You never joke.” Her eyes are searching mine but she cannot see the gifts I have in mind for her, only that I love her so I stare back into the rich blue depths and think of her heavy eyelids the night before as she sucked me deep into her mouth.

“Last night,” I whisper to her, “so good, da?”

“Da,” she agrees.

“Tonight it is my turn.” I bend down close to her ear so no one can hear the words but her. “Tonight I will kneel between your tender thighs and I will lick you until you are screaming for mercy, but no mercy will be yours. Instead, I will torment you with my fingers and tongue and cock until you are senseless, until you feel nothing but pleasure in every nerve and fiber. There will be no centimeter of you that is not touched by me. When you arise from our bed tomorrow there will be no memory in your head but of me fucking you.”

Her knees buckle and I clasp her to me. “You shouldn’t say those things to me in public,” she gasps, glancing around.

“No one but you and I matter in this world, Daisy,” I tell her in all seriousness. “But come, let us get home so the fucking can commence.”

This elicits a giggle from her. “You’re so filthy and formal at the same time. I love it.”

I hold open the car door of the cheap sedan. It will be one of the last days Daisy will ride in this. Climbing into the passenger seat, I hand her my public phone. “I make friend for you today.”

“Is that right?” she takes the phone and flicks it open. “Is it this Callie person?”

“Da, she offers you her phone number so you can meet her.”

She snorts and then closes the phone. Leaning her head against the seat, she says, “I’m thinking she wants to be friends with you, Nick.”

“Nyet, she invites you to have coffee with her. I will come with so you are not alone,” I offer magnanimously as if it is a big gesture for me to accompany Daisy to a coffeehouse when in truth we both know that I am desolate without her. “But she is a little strange. You should not sit close to her. Her eyelashes look like giant spider legs. It is hard to concentrate on what she is saying when those long black things are creeping close to you,” I advise.

Daisy sighs. “Okay, Nick, if we decided to hang out with Callie, I’ll be sure to sit back far away from her.” There is a tone in her voice, one that suggests she is holding back a laugh. I take a moment to glance at her before focusing on the traffic in front of me. “What is funny then?”