Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)(7)

By: Jen Talty

This, of course, was always laughed at now since so many myths about witches had been debunked over the years.

“When would you like me to have the press conference?” Prince Albert asked.

“This afternoon, if you can arrange it.”

“I can have one within the hour, if you like, but I will warn you, the only members of the Royal Family that will be present are myself, my wife and daughters, and of course, we’d expect Jackson to be present.”

“Wait.” Paul raised his hand. “What about Princess Alley?”

“I’m sorry. My sister won’t be giving her blessing.”

That didn’t surprise Jackson one bit, considering she’d said publicly time and time again that wolves were dirty creatures. Savages. Murderers, and they should all be banished. Whether she had believed that before the murder or not, didn’t matter.

“And the rest of the family?”

“My younger siblings and their families will sanction the film, but they won’t be part of any public announcement. Only myself, my wife, and Amanda’s sisters will make any formal statement. That said, I believe that as far as the initial announcement goes, that should come from Amanda and Jackson, with me at their side.” Price Albert spoke with the kind of authority people didn’t question. His tone made even a grown man sit a little taller.

“I want to cut off all rumors before they even begin,” Prince Albert said.

“That’s going to be impossible,” Jackson said, shifting in his seat, painfully aware of the beautiful young woman with her hot thighs just inches from his. “It just occurred to me that by making such an announcement, it could make it look like a publicity stunt to begin with.”

Prince Albert arched a brow. “You make a valid point, son. Amanda, what are your thoughts?”

“Same as this morning, Daddy. If we make a big stink, so will the press.” Amanda glanced in his direction, those damn eyelashes floating over her eyes, mesmerizing him. “My two cents are we focus on the film and our excitement over it. If you’re standing by my side, they will know you support me. They are going to make their speculations, and some family members will comment, others won’t, but as long as Jackson and I stay focused on the film, I believe the press will move on after a few days.”

Jesus Christ, she was as well-spoken as her father, and the sound of her voice rolled over his ears like a warm ocean breeze.

“So, your suggestion is that we don’t go to the press first?” Paul asked.

“No. I’m saying we don’t make it about the Royal Family endorsing the film. We make a public announcement now with my father present. We could even focus more on the fact that Jackson and Lemin are working together for the first time since Jackson’s Oscar win.”

“I’m sure that will be brought up no matter what,” Jackson said, tossing his arm over the back of the sofa. God, he wanted to touch her. “But I like your idea. Let the studio make the announcement.”

“I’ll make the necessary arrangements,” Paul said.

“Jackson,” Prince Albert said. “I have to ask. How do you think your family is going to take the news?”

“My mother will be fine with it, but to be honest, my siblings aren’t going to be as supportive and neither will my pack. Not because I’m working with Amanda, but because I will be bringing disgrace and shame to them once again by taking this role.”

“You do no such thing,” Prince Albert said, sitting up straight. “I will play this however the two of you wish, but I won’t put up with anyone blaming you for something your father did when you were ten years old. I’ve put a protection spell on my daughter, which will help her through this uncertain time, and with your permission, I’d like to put one on you.”

Spells, potions, hexes, voodoo dolls, all things foreign to Jackson. He didn’t understand witches or witchcraft. The good witches lived by the laws of the land, and they couldn’t use it to bring harm to anyone, or for their own betterment of career or monetarily. So, what was the point of being a witch?

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Jackson said.