Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)(6)

By: Jen Talty

“You’re making the right decision.”

Jackson pulled back the office door, and there stood the most gorgeous woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Once again, she stole his breath with her long ash-brown hair bouncing playfully over her shoulders. Her bright-blue eyes were lined with plush, thick eyelashes that batted liked butterfly wings.

His lips tugged into a smile until his brain registered that he was staring at Lady Princess Amanda Windsor. At least that is what he thought her full royal title was.

“Oh, hello,” she said. Her plump lips moved in perfect unison with the sound of her voice.

He cleared his throat, trying not to notice the menacingly tall man with the eyes that were almost black, standing behind him.

“I don’t think we’ve ever met,” she said, her smile small, but still sweet. “I’m Amanda Windsor.”

He nodded. “Am I supposed to call you Lady or Princess or something?”

“I prefer Amanda, but if you must know, my official title is Lady until I marry, then it will be Princess, but we really don’t take much stock in that these days.”

“All right. Amanda it is.” He shoved his trembling hand out. “I’m Jackson.”

She nodded. “This is my dad, Alfred.”

“You can call me Alfred, except in public, and then I do prefer Prince Alfred.” His low voice rumbled the air. “I’m not sure if you remember, but we met shortly after the trial.”

Nothing like jumping right into the past and his father.

“I remember, sir. You came to my home.”

“You did what?” Amanda snapped her head in the direction of her father. “Why didn’t I know this?”

“You were six years old at the time. Why would you know?” Her father draped a large hand over her shoulder.

She wasn’t short by any means, but she looked dwarfed against her father’s frame.

At six foot two, Jackson had to tilt his head to look the man in the eye. Those eyes had both terrified and inspired him all those years ago.

“I wanted to let his family know that we didn’t hold anyone but his father responsible for your uncle’s murder.”

“My mother always appreciated the gesture; only the rest of your family didn’t see it the same way.” Jackson chomped down on the inside of his cheek before he continued down this dangerous path of things Princess Alley had said both privately and publicly. She’d all but threatened to cast all sorts of spells over Jackson and his family. Who knew, maybe they had. Jackson knew very little about witches and their magic, and he preferred to keep it that way. He didn’t socialize with any witches that he knew of, instead keeping his circle of friends to humans, shifters, and a few wolves who did their best to forget the shame his father had brought to the pack.

“It was a difficult time for everyone, which is why I’m here. I want to minimize any bad publicity for my daughter. And for you.”

“Please, come in, come in,” Paul said, rushing over, waving Amanda and her father into the office. “Thank you so much for coming.”

An awkward silence filled the room as Prince Alfred took the large wingback chair in the corner, leaving the small love seat to Amanda and Jackson. She eyed him, before sitting down and crossing a set of toned legs that went on forever, shaped by form-fitting jeans.

He swallowed, taking a seat next to her, trying desperately not to touch her for fear that he’d growl like a horny pup.

“My secretary has been fielding calls all morning, and there is a lot of speculation about who is being cast in this film, so the sooner we make a statement to the press, the better,” Paul said with a slight tremor in his voice.

Prince Albert leaned back, folding one massive leg over the other. Jackson thought he looked more like the mob than royalty. There were a half-dozen rumors about dark magic and the Royal Family since they’d risen thousands of years ago during the witch hunt of the fourteenth century. It was believed that the Windsors weren’t really the bloodline of the Coven of the Silver Flock. That black magic had been used to remove the Royal Family, replacing them with witches and warlocks that dabbled in the dark side, waiting for the opportunity to create mayhem.