Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)(16)

By: Jen Talty

He returned with an opened bottle of wine, glasses, and potatoes that smelled like a little piece of carb heaven.

“My agent would tell me this kind of food would go straight to my hips.”

“You’ve got nice hips, but they could use a little more curve.” He raised his glass. “To your hips.”

“That’s the weirdest toast ever.”

He shrugged. “Kind of goes along with the day.”

“Can I ask you something?” She glided the sharp knife through the steak, blood oozing out of the tender piece of meat. Her taste buds exploded in anticipation.

An owl hooted in the background, only adding to the quaint ambience.

“Go for it.”

“Why aren’t you and that woman you were accused of having an affair with no longer friends?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but I suspect it has to do with her husband. He knew we never had a thing for each other, but it caused an issue in their relationship.”

“So, they’re still married?”

“They weren’t married when the bogus story broke. They actually just got married about a month ago.”

Mostly, Jackson seemed to have a laid back, but confident attitude toward life, but she could tell all the hard knocks that had been caused by being the son of Reed Ledger, murderer of Prince Armand Windsor, chipped away at his core personality. She closed her eyes for a moment, focusing on his energy, pulling it close, inside the bubble of protection. Inhaling sharply, she fixated on his inner aura, discerning a blocked emotional sensor, only Jackson wasn’t stifling it. A dark force inside him choked tiny pieces of the man he should be.

She swallowed as an evil force, not of his making, seeped from his pores.

A burning freeze sheathed over her skin. She gasped, opening her eyes, holding her pale arms out to the side.

“What the fuck?” Jackson knocked over his glass as he leapt across the table.

Her body shivered as her heartbeat slowed from the cold darkness traveling through her blood stream.

“What’s wrong?” Jackson’s touched only made the pain in her muscles intensify.

Unable to move her stiff body, or speak, all she could do is stare at him with pleading eyes, hoping he’d somehow understand that she needed her father.


Or she’d die.


Every time Jackson touched Amanda’s frozen skin, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Having no idea what to do, he snagged her phone.

“Fuck. I need the passcode,” he muttered.

Her body shivered, and her breath came out in a puffy cloud as if it were the middle of winter in Alaska, not summer in California.

“If you can hear me, I’m going to try to unlock your phone using your finger, so I can call your father.”

Her eyes shifted, and he really hoped that meant she was fine with it.

The second he tapped her finger to the home button, her phone unlocked. Searching her contacts, he found her father’s number. Jackson’s hands trembled as he set the phone on the table on speaker.

“Hello kiddle, how’s my girl?” Prince Albert said.

“This is Jackson, and she’s not well. I don’t know what happened, but we were having dinner, and she closed her eyes and then froze. I mean literally froze. Her skin is white and cold to the touch. Her limbs are stiff, and she can’t talk.” He stopped talking to take a breath. “Her breathing is shallow and—”

“Son, I need you to listen to me and do exactly as I say, got it?”

“Yes, sir.” Jackson swallowed, shaking out his hands.

“She needs your werewolf heat, but since you’re the source of the spell—”


“I’ll explain that part later, but for now I need you to hold her and let your heat keep her warm. Tell me where you are, and I’ll get there as quickly as I can.”

“I’ll text you the address now.” He lifted the phone, dropping it once before managing to send the information.

“She’s going to act as if she’s in a lot of pain at your touch, but no matter what, don’t let go.”

“What about putting her near a fire?”

“That will help, but your werewolf heat is better than anything. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”