Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)(14)

By: Jen Talty

Just as he came to the top of the hill that overlooked his cabin, a dark feeling eased into his bones. The hair on his back stood straight up. The earth shook below his paws. He growled low and long, baring his sharp teeth, turning in a circle, unsure of where the threat came from until three wolves showed themselves to his right.

All three were mediocre in size, but their eyes were nothing short of unusual with their gold tint and sparks that danced like bullets exploding from the chamber of a gun. Their thick coats shined under the moon like nothing he’d ever seen before.

Who are you and what do you want? he spoke to the other wolves with his mind.

They chose to only respond with a howl, digging their front paws into the ground, ready to attack.

Back off. This is my land.

But the wolves didn’t take heed. They lowered their heads, foaming at the mouth, flanking to his left and right, inching closer.

His heart tightened as if someone had reached in and curled their fingers around it, squeezing the life out of him. He blinked, trying to regain focus as his vision blurred, making him dizzy. His legs tingled with weakness. Just as he thought he was about to pass out, a surge of strength flowed through his blood.

One of the wolves whined as he paused. The other two took a step back, yelping.

The sky swirled above him as a figure hovered over him.

“Reverse the magic that made you strong and return to the thing of your song,” Amanda’s voice echoed in the night.

The three wolves howled and whined in pain as their bodies convulsed, dropping to the ground, transforming into sparrows before flapping their wings and flying away in defeat.

Amanda’s feet hit the ground with a soft thud. “That’s definitely black magic.”

No shit. He grunted and then took off running down the hill. He knew he couldn’t outrun a flying witch, but he didn’t care. As soon as he got back to the cabin, he would call her a car and then call his agent and drop from the film.

He tried to tell himself that there’d be other leading roles, but deep down he knew, this was his last shot at getting back on top. His career washed up at thirty-two.

Chapter 5

Amanda hoovered over the cabin, using her magic to see through the roof. She felt a pang of guilt, but she wasn’t ready to face Jackson. Not yet. She sensed his anger on the hilltop, and it wasn’t over the pending threat of fake wolves sent by some witch, or group of witches, that had it in for him.

He pounded the steaks he’d pulled from the fridge before rubbing seasoning on the meat. His aura filled with angry red and orange swirls, but it was the pale-blue, light-green, and a lighter red shifting just inside the rainbow that caught her attention.

This combination usually indicated a fierce protective and caring mindset. The spell could be increasing his need to guard his homestead, but the way his aura danced, he was trying to shield something he felt a deep affection for, and it wasn’t a thing.

It was a person.

Maybe his mother. Or siblings. They might not be present physically, but the news of his new co-star, and what it brought up, had to affect them.

He lifted the cutting board off the counter and headed toward the back patio.

Time to face the music.

She lowered herself a few feet before he glanced up.

“Wondered if you were coming back,” he said, waltzing toward the grill. “I put potato wedges in the oven, screw salad.”

“Carbs work for me.” Her feet landed on the ground with a gentle thud. “I tried to pick up where the black magic came from but got nothing.”

“There was no scent to track either.”

The steaks sizzled against the hot metal grate, reminding her stomach that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

“In the morning, we should talk to my father.”

“Why?” Jackson sipped a beer while he tended to the steaks.

She opted to sit at the picnic table, staring at the low orange and yellow flames dancing toward the sky in the center of the fire pit. The smell of fresh searing meat tickled her nose. “Because he’s the most powerful wizard I know, and he’ll be able to find out who wants to hurt you.”

“I don’t trust him. Or any witch for that matter.”

She snapped her head in Jackson’s direction. “Are you suggesting my father has anything to do with this?”