Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)(13)

By: Jen Talty

He let out a low growl, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist, pulling her gently to his lap. Leaning back on the chair, he let his hands roam the curves of her hips while his tongue explored the inside of her mouth. All the tension that had built up in his shoulders had been released through the massaging of her fingers.

A little voice in the back of his mind kept telling him to stop. That kissing her like this would only lead to heavy petting and inevitably, him taking her to his bed and ravishing her body as if there might not be a tomorrow.

But, as always, he ignored the voice, gliding his hands up her sides, just under the swell of her perky, round mounds. He nibbled his way from her earlobe, across her neck, and down to the first button of her blouse, toying with it between his teeth. He managed to wiggle the button through the hole in the fabric, popping open her shirt, exposing the small space between her breasts. He kissed the top of the soft mound, fanning his thumb over her tight nipple.

Her back arched in response, lifting her breasts higher.

He scrambled to unbutton her shirt, shoving it to the sides. Her black, lacy bra held her swells, pushing them high, her areola peeking out. He ran his tongue over the top, slipping it inside, drawing out her nipple.

She shivered. “Jackson.”

He sucked in a breath as he pulled her shirt across her body. “I’m sorry. We can’t do this.”

“I know.” Her fingers fumbled with her shirt as she slid from his lap, taking a seat next to him. The flames of the fire behind her roared up toward the sky. “The spell was much more powerful than I thought it would be, and we just got caught up in the sensations of the spell bringing us under the same blanket of protection.”

Great. Now he couldn’t trust if he was actually attracted to her, or her witchcraft controlled his emotions. He snagged his beer, downing the last of it. “I need to go run. I’ll be back in an hour, and we can have some dinner. Do you like steak?”

“I do. But please don’t tell me you’re going to go hunt and kill—”

He waved his hand. “I buy my food at the grocery store like everyone else.” Not that he didn’t dabble in the occasional hunt, but generally didn’t make a habit of doing it to bring home a meal for a woman he was trying to impress.

Fuck. He didn’t need to impress Amanda because there was nothing there. Just all smoke and mirror witchcraft.

Right. Because he didn’t have an instant reaction to her the second he laid eyes on her in Paul’s office.

“Can I do something to help with dinner while you’re gone?”

“Sure. You can make a salad. I’ve got everything you need in the fridge.”

“Easy enough.”

He nodded before strolling toward the side of the house, so he could shift. He didn’t feel the need to run any longer, but he did need some space between him and the witch. He didn’t bother to contain the deep, menacing growls as he shifted from one form to the other. It wasn’t painful, but the call to the wild was difficult to control, and howling was part of the process. Normally, around a woman who wasn’t a wolf, he’d do his best not to frighten them with the change, but for some reason, he wanted to exert his power as a wolf around Lady Amanda.

He shook his body, ruffling out his fur as he slinked around the corner. As a man, he was taller than average, and as a wolf, he was larger than most. He turned his head, making eye contact with Amanda, who seemed to be unfazed by the fact that the top of his wolf head came to just under her breasts.

She inched forward, her arm stretched out as if she wanted to pet him.

He lowered his head, scratching his paw into the ground, puffing out air through his nostrils. It wasn’t an overly aggressive move on his part, but it should have frightened her at least a little. However, she kept moving forward until she stood in front of him, fingers digging into his head, rustling his black and white fur. A tickle, much like a cat purring, vibrated in his throat.

He shook his head and took off running. If he were a smart werewolf, he’d call her a car service and send her back to Beverly Hills for the evening. Getting to know her was a bad idea and would only get in the way of his performance. The less he knew about her personally, the better off he’d be.