Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)(12)

By: Jen Talty

Not to mention her luscious, plump lips made him want to cup her face, fanning his thumbs over the moist, supple skin that lined those lips before bringing his mouth over hers, drawing in her tongue…


The woman made him crazier than if he’d caught rabies.

The screen door screeched.

“I’ve got it,” Amanda said in that dazzling voice that made his ears perk up and his blood turn to molten hot lava. “Not sure how strong it will be, but my dad found a way for us to connect to each other, so we can sense any kind of black magic or danger.”

He wouldn’t have agreed to a spell had he found something wrong with the steering on his Jeep, but in the two hours he had under the hood, he’d found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. “I’m sorry for being a bit of a dick, but what if whoever cast that spell on my Jeep is from your family?” He knew nothing of her sisters, except for they were all in the entertainment business of some kind, except the oldest, who was a journalist, though for an Art Magazine.

“It wouldn’t be anyone from my immediate family.” She pulled up a chair, sitting next to him. The fire kissed her tanned skin against the darkening sky.

“How can you be so sure?”

“I’m very close to my sisters and parents. They don’t hold you accountable for your father.”

“Neither does anyone else, but there is always that wonder if I’m not just a chip off the old block.”

“Yeah, well, you come off like a moody, lone wolf, and that scares people.”

He let out a short laugh. “It keeps people at a distance.”

She leaned forward, stretching out her arms. “I need you to hold my hands.”

“That’s asking a lot of a man on the first date.”

A smile spread slowly across her face. The flames from the fire danced in her blue eyes. “Don’t worry, I won’t try to kiss you or anything.”

“Not that I’d be opposed to that.” He blinked a few times, desperate to break the intimate eye contact that made it impossible for him to keep his thoughts to himself.

Her lips parted as she tilted her head, arching her right brow in a seductive curve. “The more contact we have, the stronger the spell.”

Taking her soft hands in his, he leaned forward, feeling a pull like metal being tugged toward a magnet. Kissing her would be a mistake. Didn’t matter that they would have to kiss in the movie or that they would have an intense love scene.

That would all be acting, and he was a professional.

The fact that his lips were less than an inch from hers had nothing to do with acting and everything to do with being unprofessional. He shouldn’t lick his lips in anticipation of pressing them against hers, but that was exactly what he was doing.

“Open the gate of protection, allow this wolf in the bubble of connection. Alert us to the harm lurking in the dark shadow and allow us to disarm the threat with the force of the buffalo,” she whispered before her eyelashes fluttered closed over lust-laden eyes. Her fingers curled tighter around his hands as their mouths gently touched.

A shock vibrated from his lips, shooting down to his toes as he darted his tongue between her lips, tasting the sweetness of honeysuckle seeping from her to him. A rush of heat coated his skin. It was as if he could feel this bubble of protection hug him like an overprotective grandmother with her fierce and unwavering love.

He jerked back as more shocks pelted his body like little needles.

“Don’t fight it,” Amanda whispered, holding his hands even tighter. “The more you feel, the stronger the spell.”

The blood flowing through his veins burned. Swallowing scorched his throat. He squeezed her tighter as tremors erupted, jerking his extremities.

He stared into her wide eyes, trying like hell to relax. It felt like he’d been struck by lightning and his body was on fire, only it didn’t hurt.

But he still wanted it over with.

His body stilled. He sucked in a deep breath, grateful the heat inside his body subsided. “If that is going to happen every time we kiss, we’re never going to get through a love scene during filming.”

Letting go of his hands, she reached up and leaned in, kissing him once again, only this time, his body reacted more like a normal, hot-blooded werewolf, which was disturbing on another level.