Lady Sass(Witches and Werewolves Book 1)

By: Jen Talty

Witches and Werewolves Novella series book 1

Chapter 1

The song Looking Out My Backdoor by Creedence Clearwater Revival blasted from Lady Amanda Windsor’s cell phone right in the middle of the monthly family dinner.

Her father dropped his fork in his lap. “All phones are supposed to be turned off.”

“Sorry, but my agent is supposed to call about that part today.” She bent over, digging through her purse, ignoring the glares of everyone, including the staff standing off to the sides. The Windsor’s didn’t have such elaborate dinners on a daily basis, complete with their staff waiting for them to ring a bell or snap their fingers, demanding, though ever so politely, to have another cup of tea poured. However, as part of the Royal Coven of the Silver Flock, they would occasionally follow tradition.

“You could have put it on vibrate, hiding it in your back pocket,” her older sister, Arianna, said with a sarcastic tone and an arched brow. In her youth, Arianna had been more into her princess lady status and enjoyed the courtship of a dozen or so worthy suitors, until one broke her heart, leaving her cynical about love, and life.

Of all the sisters, Arianna resented their status the most.

“I’m wearing leggings, so I have no pockets.” She glanced at the caller ID. “It’s my agent. I’ve got to take this.” She jumped from the table, knocking over a younger sister’s water.

“Oh, my, God.” Avery snagged her napkin, dabbing up the water before it flowed over the edge of the table and onto her lap. “That was so unnecessary.”

Avery was the baby of the family, and a bit of a prima donna, and as the lead ballerina in the Los Angeles City Ballet, the two seemed to go hand in hand.

“I didn’t mean to do it,” Amanda said as she scurried from the dining room, both her parents glaring at her while all three of her sisters complained about her breaking the family rule, one that none of them saw any value in other than the entire family being together.

Amanda ignored them all and tapped the accept button on her phone as she entered her father’s office. If she didn’t get this part, everyone would think she didn’t have what it took to be a serious actress. Even her sister, Arianna, the art journalist, believed the press would have a field day considering they constantly labeled Amanda as a spoiled princess who bought her way into the industry.

It wasn’t true, but her father had pulled some strings, and his actions hurt her reputation from the beginning.

Acting could be somewhat subjective and since she’d been constantly cast in supporting roles for the most part in romantic comedies, she’d never had the chance to show off her real talent.

“Hi, Reana.” Amanda took in a slow breath, sitting behind her father’s large, oak desk. His office looked more like a living room with its leather sofa and love seat, his desk looking out of place, as if it were plunked down in the middle of the room without a care for style and taste. Colorful artwork he’d bought from various new artist showings lined the walls. “I was beginning to worry you weren’t going to call today.”

She stared at the picture of her and her sisters taken when they’d been small children. Each blessed with a different talent.

Alicia had the voice of an angel. Instead of speaking her first words, she sang them, and she was well on her way to making it big as a country singer.

Avery had their mother’s grace and style and instead of stumbling as most children tend to while learning to walk, she danced her way through toddlerhood. By the time she reached three, everyone knew she’d be a star.

Amanda and Arianna’s talents were more subjective, and constantly scrutinized by the world. Arianna had her father’s gift for weaving words, though her father was a novelist, not a journalist. To this day, Arianna struggled for equal respect as her non-royalty counterparts.

No matter how good Amanda’s performance had been in any movie or TV show, the critics always viewed her performances as average, at best.

“Are you sitting down?” Reana had been Amanda’s agent for the last five years. They had developed a plan to get her to this exact moment. All the roles she’d taken thus far were stepping stones, leading to the one film that would catapult her into megastar status.