Knight:A Club Alias Novel(9)

By: K.D. Robichaux

I swallow my bite. “I was only doing my job, what I’m trained to do. I don’t deserve any special treatment.” When she lifts her brow at me, I can’t help but smile. She’s not the type to take any shit from me, apparently. “But thank you. I appreciate you going through all this trouble for me.”

“Trouble? Are you kidding?” She shakes her head. “If you could see the images I captured….” She trails off.

“So show me,” I prompt, but she just shakes her head again.

“Doctor said that wasn’t a good idea. They want your TBI to heal without causing you any more stress. Something about letting the memories come back organically instead of forcing it.”

I adjust my position in the cot, and my leg suddenly throbs. She must see the pain and confusion on my face, because she explains, “Shrapnel in your calf. They were able to get it all out, but it’ll take a while to heal. But they said you’ll make a full recovery… and have a sweet scar as a trophy.”

Suddenly, a memory flashes through my mind—my calf burning as I’m pressed against the side of a building, a window above my head, as the sound of chaos goes on behind me.

A window. I was looking through that window when the IED went off. What was I looking at?

“You okay, big guy?” Clarice asks from the chair beside me.

Try as I might, I cannot remember what I saw through that window. But something tells me it was important. I just can’t recall why.

“Yeah, I—”

Just then, a nurse walks in holding a syringe. “Good morning, Specialist Glover. How’s that leg treating you?”

“It’s throbbing pretty bad,” I reply, watching her uncap the needle.

“This’ll help,” she says, and she pushes the liquid into the IV attached to my arm. “How’s that breakfast? Your girl is a bossy little thing. She wouldn’t take no for an answer when she asked for your meal a certain way. When they wouldn’t listen, she snuck into the kitchen and made it herself. They finally let her have her way the past couple of days since she wasn’t hurting anything.”

I glance over at Clarice with a small smile, and my neck heats when she corrects the nurse. “I’m not his girl, but he’s definitely my hero.”

The nurse grins, nods, then heads out of the makeshift room. The hospital here is a bunch of tents that have been formed together to create what would be more like an Urgent Care in the States.

“Shouldn’t General Diaz be your hero? He’s the one who kept you safe when the IED went off.” I take another bite of eggs and toast.

“You remember?” Her eyes go wide and she sits up straight.

I tilt my head to the side. “Yeah, I guess I do. I can remember running back to the school building to find you, and—”

“To find me?” she murmurs, and I continue in an attempt to distract her from the fact that the first thing I wanted to do after the explosion was to make sure she was all right.

“And the rest of the team, I mean. I had gone in the opposite direction as everyone else, to secure the alley we knew wound up in a dead end. And when I ran back to the school, he was using his body as a shield over you.”

“Yes, and I am super grateful he did what the contract he signed ordered him to do—to be my escort and make sure I didn’t die. But you should’ve seen yourself, Bri. You were like a damn superhero out there, a fucking machine. After you and the medic fixed up all the injured soldiers, you carried every single one of those men to safety, and then made sure all of them got onto the helicopter. You looked like the Hulk out there, lifting them like they weighed nothing. It’s no wonder you passed out as soon as you finally sat down in the chopper,” she conveys excitedly, admiration in her eyes. It’s a look I’ve never had directed at me before, and it makes me feel even taller than my 6’8”.

After finishing my breakfast, she takes the tray away and plops back into the chair while holding her camera. “You’re a lot more lucid today. Ever since we got here, you’d ask what happened, and when I told you, you’d say a few words and then pass out a few bites into your meal.”