Knight:A Club Alias Novel(67)

By: K.D. Robichaux

“It’s too dark in here to tell, but is there something on it?” he asks, squinting as his arm snakes around my back to pull me against him.

I nod again, laying my head on his chest, where I discover his heart is thumping wildly. “I had someone engrave a little lock on it. To symbolize a couple of things. The past is now locked in the past, both yours and mine. And as a much manlier—” I call loudly, sticking my tongue out at Seth before smiling and looking up into Brian’s eyes. “—version of a collar.”

“You wanna collar me, Mistress?” he murmurs close to my ear, sending a pleasant chill down my neck.

“Y—” I clear my throat, remembering what today is. “No, my good boy.” I reach up and brush his hair off his forehead. Looking into his eyes, I see the pupils almost overtaking all the color as they’ve filled with so much heat.

He hands me the necklace, bending down a little so I can hook it behind his neck.

And then he swoops me up in his arms, carrying me to the back of the club as we disappear into one of the private rooms.

The End