Knight:A Club Alias Novel(2)

By: K.D. Robichaux

Now that the nerve-wracking part is over, I settle back down into my normal calm, collected demeanor. Anxiety is a foreign emotion for me… unless it has to do with Clarice. That woman. I swear to God, she’s more intimidating to me than the most dangerous terrorist. She makes my heart pound harder than being in the middle of a firefight during my deployment. She makes me sweat more than all my mercenary missions combined.

If my partners would’ve seen me just moments ago, jumping on my bed, they would’ve had me committed. They’ve never seen me around Clarice. Hell, they don’t even know she exists. The Brian they know is stone-faced, barely has a sense of humor, serious, and 100 percent focused on the job. But little do they know I’m so zeroed in on my missions, because that’s the only time for the last several years that I’ve been able to see Clarice. And when I’m not with her, I’m thinking about her, worried about her out there in the world alone, wishing she was here by my side.

Clarice: Bri? Did you fall asleep?

Me: Far from it. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until you’re here. I can’t believe you said yes!

While I may hold back from telling her just how much she means to me, I’m always, always honest with her. There are no secrets between us. What’s the point in having a best friend if you can’t confide in them?

Clarice: LOL! I think I’ve gotten spoiled, getting to see you so often lately. But then when I wasn’t able to meet up with you for this last one, it seriously bummed me out. It was… uncomfortable not being there with you, after our adventures in New York, Raleigh, and Nashville.

Her admission makes my chest swell. I know exactly how she feels. It was incredibly lonely in Charlotte without her. I missed the excitement of meeting her at the hotel, the passion of having her top me, the look of delight on her perfect face when I shared with her the details of the job, and of course my reward at the end for completing my mission.

Her submission.

I’m only ever granted that sweet prize, the Holy Grail when it comes to Clarice, whenever I’m finished with a job. Otherwise, it’s me who gives in to her dominance.

Me: It wasn’t the same without you. When can you come?

Clarice: I have to finish up some edits, and I have a doctor appointment the day after tomorrow. So how about the day after that? Thursday?

Me: Dr appointment? You ok? Thursday sounds perfect.

Clarice: Yeah, just my yearly with my girly doc. Yay! I’m excited.

Me: Me too! I seriously thought you’d say no.

Clarice: You did? How could I ever tell you no, silly?

Me: IDK. But I sure am glad you didn’t. Time is going to go by so slow now.

Clarice: Oh, it won’t be too bad, big guy. I’m tired as hell, so let’s try to get some sleep. See you in 3 days, okay?

Me: Yes, ma’am. Night, lover.

Clarice: ;) <3

I smile as I lie back on my pillow, adrenaline rushing through my veins stronger than when I’m in the middle of hand-to-hand combat with a sex trafficker. But a few moments later, her words remind me of something very important. And I realize I have to make an appointment with a doc of my own.


THE NEXT MORNING, I sit in the waiting room inside Doc’s office. Usually, we catch up at the club, but I needed to see him ASAP to start downloading a bunch of shit he doesn’t know.

When Doc, Seth, Corbin, and I formed our mercenary team—which we hid behind a legitimate security company, Imperium Security—one of the rules Doc put in place was that we’d have to attend regular therapy sessions with him. And we always follow Doc’s rules. After all, he put our group together.

The door opens, and a middle-aged woman steps out, thanking the towering bearded man behind her for making her feel much better. He gives her a small smile and a nod before she hurries out the front door.

“Come on in,” he tells me, and I follow him into his office, plopping down on his couch as he takes a seat in front of me in his chair.

He takes his notepad off the small side table next to him, uncapping his pen. “Needless to say, I was surprised to receive your text last night asking to meet with me. You do realize it’s usually like pulling teeth getting you to sit down and share any sort of feelings, right?”