Knight:A Club Alias Novel(15)

By: K.D. Robichaux

“There you go, big guy. Your armor is all shiny again. My very own knight,” she says, smiling up at me. I want more than anything to kiss her, and as if she reads my mind, she stands up on her tiptoes and presses a quick yet life-altering kiss on my lips. She must feel the shift in the universe too, because she steps back quickly, her fingertips going to her lips as she looks at me questioningly. But before I can reach out to her, she lets out a nervous laugh. “You stay here a minute. I’m gonna run out and get us some towels and some clothes. Relax under the water for a bit. I’ll be right back.”

I close the curtain as she hurries out of the stall, and I can hear her pulling towels off the shelving unit.

“Hanging yours on the hook out here. I gotta go find you a new gown. Don’t go falling before I get back,” she calls, and I murmur an okay.

Already on the brink of orgasm, I take my cock in hand, knowing it’ll only take a minute to get the release I desperately need after experiencing the most erotic half hour of my life. I lean my back against the shower wall, pumping my hand up and down my throbbing erection, my head pressing against the painted brick as I close my eyes, remembering every line of Clarice’s luscious curves. My toes dig into the rough floor, the shower cascading down on my left leg as I keep my right outside its spray as best I can. But it’s when the split second of our first kiss pops into my head that my knees quake, my balls going tight right before I come with a muted grunt. I keep my eyes shut tight as I enjoy every spurt that leaves my cock, reveling in the relief it brings.

And when I open them again, there she is, her eyes locked on my face, her chest rising and falling in short, sharp pants, her face flushed as she bites her full bottom lip. One hand holds the curtain back slightly, and the other holds a fresh towel and gown.

I should be embarrassed. I should be mortified that she caught me jacking off to the thought of her. But the way she’s looking at me, with heat in her eyes, like she wishes she could’ve been the one to give me that release, I feel no shame. I feel her eyes continue to watch me as I wash my hands and my softening cock, and I say nothing as I take a careful step toward her. No words are exchanged as she dries me off, refusing to hand over the towel so I could do it myself. And I let her. I let her take care of me. Feeling worshipped as she kneels to dry my legs and feet. She puts that towel on the floor outside the shower stall and grabs the one she’d put on the hook for me, and then makes quick work of unwrapping the plastic bags from around my calf, drying the last bit of water droplets left. She holds open the gown for me to stick my arm through, and then I see she’s got a second one I slide on like a robe, so now my backside is covered too.

She grabs my crutch and hands it to me, and we make our way back to my cot much the same way as before, her walking backward to catch me if I fall. Little does she know though, it’s already too late.



“YOU EXCITED TO see me tomorrow?” I ask Brian, his handsome face morphing with his smile as I peek at my phone where I have him on FaceTime. I throw some underwear into my suitcase before turning toward my closet.

“Always. Question,” he prompts, and I glance over my shoulder at him.


“Do you always pack naked?” His voice is gruff, just the way I like it.

“Duh. How else would I be able to try on outfits to make sure that’s what I want to bring?” I flip my hair out of my face and turn to reach for a sexy little number I plan to wear for him at his club, making sure to do a little booty tooch in his direction.

He groans. “Fair enough. What time do you plan on leaving tomorrow?”

“Mmmm, I think about 2:00 p.m. It’ll take me about three hours to get there. So I should arrive right in time for you to feed me,” I tell him, stuffing some jeans and a tank top into the bag.

“That’s perfect. Doc wants me to do one more two-hour session with him tomorrow before you get here,” he grumbles, and I look up in time to see him swipe his hand down his face.

“Aw, what’s the matter, grumpy gills? You don’t like having to spill your guts to your friends finally?” I pooch out my lips. “What, are you ashamed of me? Don’t want all those cute little submissives at your club to know about me?” I provoke, knowing damn well that’s not the case. I just love getting him riled up.