Knight:A Club Alias Novel(12)

By: K.D. Robichaux

“Wow. That’s like… kind of a big deal, isn’t it?” I ask. “I mean, I really don’t know much about you, other than you’re the beautiful photographer who works for a magazine.”

“Ah, I’ve been upgraded from pretty to beautiful now?” She giggles.

“Psh. Gorgeous is more like it. I’m just trying not to give you a big head. It’s probably heavy enough with that amount of dirt in your hair,” I tease.

“You’re not going to leave me alone until I finally shower, are you?” She narrows her eyes. “Ya know, you’re not so clean yourself. I’ve given you little sponge baths in the past few days, but you could do with an actual submersion of soapy water.”

“And a shave,” I say, before her words dawn on me. “You’ve given me sponge baths? Dear God. Just go ahead and burn my man-card already.”

“Honey, your man-card is made of diamond. Ain’t nothing going to even dent that bitch after what you did out there. And negative on the shave. I like the scruff.” She reaches up and strokes my cheek, and I instantly harden beneath my thin blanket. I lift the knee of my uninjured leg to hide my predicament.

“They’ll eventually make me shave. Once I break out of this joint, it’ll be back to baby face until the next time I go on leave or get out of the army. Then I can grow a sweet freedom beard,” I tell her. When she pouts, I ask her, “What did they happen to say about showering, anyway?”

“You’re not allowed to get your bandages wet, so they gave us these plastic bags to wrap around it once you’re able to get up. They took your catheter out this morning after you passed back out, so if you feel like trying to go to the bathroom or want me to help you to the showers, I can.”

“I feel like our relationship is escalating really quickly.” I eye her, unsure if I want this perfect woman seeing me at my weakest.

“Don’t look at me like that, big guy. Told you. You’re never getting rid of me.” She stands, pulling back the covers quickly. Thank God my boner had a chance to calm down or she would’ve gotten quite an eyeful. She pulls the pillow gently from beneath my injured calf and then helps me swing both legs over the side of the cot. “Don’t hold back. I may be little, but I’m damn strong. Hidden beneath these oversized dirty clothes are buns of steel.”

By her tone, I can tell she’s trying to joke around and distract me from any pain I might be feeling, yet I still groan, but for a different reason. “Can we not talk about your buns, pretty girl? I’m trying my best not to pop another woody in this scrap of fabric they’ve got me in.”

Her chuckle is sultry as she helps pull me up to standing. “Another? Yeah, they didn’t exactly have anything that would fit a real-life giant. Here. I’ll wrap this around you while we walk so no one can see your ass.” She grabs the sheet from the cot before circling it around my waist. “Awww!” she coos, and I look down at her with my brow furrowed. “You seriously have the cutest butt ever.” Her eyes twinkle evilly.

I groan once again. “I’m really in hell, aren’t I? I died during the explosion, and now I’m in hell.”

She makes sure I have my balance before taking a step sideways to grab the crutches leaning against the tent wall. “Nah, you just got stuck with a guardian angel with a wicked sense of humor. If I were super sweet, you’d totally get bored, and you know it.”

“Fair enough,” I murmur, taking the crutches and grimacing at how short they are.

“Um… I guess you’re just going to have to crouch down for them to fit into your armpits.”

I toss one of them onto the cot and just use the one to help me balance as I slowly follow while Clarice backs out of my room. She reaches out and snatches up the plastic bags she told me about, but continues walking backward, her arms out like a mom ready to catch her toddler who’s just learning to take steps.

“You know I would pretty much crush you if I fell, right?” I lift a brow.

“But at least I would break your fall,” she says, her eyes concentrating on my feet as I shuffle forward.