Knight:A Club Alias Novel(10)

By: K.D. Robichaux


“Yeah. So I felt kind of bad taking photos of you, knowing you weren’t remembering anything. So if you want me to, I’ll delete them. It’s nothing majorly graphic or embarrassing or anything. Just a timeline I thought I could show you once the doctor said it was all right. I know if it were me and I couldn’t remember going through something, I’d like to see it later. Like those funny videos of people coming out of anesthesia when they get their wisdom teeth out. You were pretty boring though. You only told me how pretty you think I am about twenty-eight thousand times,” she tells me.

I groan. “I thought you said I didn’t do anything embarrassing.”

She giggles. “Oh, come on, Bri. What’s embarrassing about making a girl covered in desert grime, who hasn’t showered in four days, feel like a supermodel?”

“Oh, is that what that smell is?” I grin, and she snatches up an ink pen from somewhere and tosses it at me.

“You shithead,” she says with a laugh. “I haven’t left your side except to make you gourmet meals, and that’s the thanks I get?”

I chuckle and then my face goes soft. “Where have you been sleeping?” I ask, looking around for clues.

“The flap right there opens up to an empty cot. They told me I could use it until they needed it.” She shrugs.

“Wow. I don’t even know what to say. But… thank you,” I tell her sincerely.

“I’ve already decided we’re going to be BFFs, so no need to thank me. A guy who rescues people like a goddamn Avenger is definitely one I want in my court. You’re stuck with me now,” she says matter-of-factly, and I try to laugh, but it comes out more like a snuffle, and I feel overwhelming fatigue pressing down on me. I register Clarice’s hand on my cheek as she whispers, “It’s okay, big guy. The meds are just kicking in. Get some rest. Try to remember when you wake up again, sweet man.” And then blackness consumes me.

When I wake up, I open my eyes to find Clarice watching me intently. I blink a few times, clearing the fog. “Twenty-eight thousand times? Jesus. Was I just saying ‘You’re so pretty’ over and over again on repeat, or what?”

She jumps up from her seat, and practically launches herself toward me until I’m nearly cross-eyed looking at her she’s so close. “You remember what I said earlier?” she breathes.

“Uh… yeah.” I take in the little flecks of gold in her brown eyes, and the way they tilt up in the outer corners, my heart starting to beat a little faster at her nearness.

She jumps up with a yip. “BRB, BFF!” she calls as she hurries out of the room. When she returns, she’s got a man in scrubs with a clipboard in tow. “He remembers what I told him this morning. That’s the first time he’s ever gained consciousness and remembered where he was,” she’s telling him, but all I can do is watch her outward show of excitement. Excitement over me.

“See? I told you there was nothing to worry about. It’ll all start coming back now. Mostly in flashbacks until he can piece the whole story together,” he explains to her before coming to my side. “How we feeling today, Specialist Glover?” He takes out a penlight and hovers over me to flash it in my eyes then writes something down on his clipboard.

“Not too bad. My leg is starting to throb a little bit again,” I reply.

“I’ll have your nurse bring you more pain meds.”

I sit up a little. “Is there anything else she can give me that won’t knock me out?”

“Yeah. I can switch you from morphine to 800-milligram ibuprofen.”

I chuckle, shaking my head. Eight-hundred-milligram ibuprofen is the military’s cure-all for every ailment. “That should be good. Thanks, Doc.”

“Can I show him pictures now?” Clarice steps in front of the doctor before he’s able to exit, her hands clasped together as she bats her eyelashes. “Pretty pleeeease?”

He glances at me over his shoulder with a look of sympathy before giving her the okay. I have no idea what that look is for though. Why would anyone need sympathy for the most beautiful woman in the world wanting to spend any kind of time with you?