Kissed in Paris

By: Juliette Sobanet


I would like to thank my friends and family for your unending enthusiasm and support. Amanda, thank you for devouring my book on your iPhone and for being such a wonderful cousin and friend. Huge thanks also to Kelly for reading my debut novel in its earliest stages, and to James and Zack for being the first male readers to test the waters.

Special thanks to my amazing agent, Kevan Lyon, for your insight and guidance. I would not be here without your support. And to Leslie, thank you for your continuous encouragement and belief in me. I appreciate it more than you know.

Thanks to the fabulous support network I’ve made through blogging, Twitter and Facebook this past year. I didn’t realize it was possible to make lasting friendships online, but you’ve proved me wrong.

Mom, thank you for always telling me that I could be anything I wanted to be. And to Sean, thank you for listening to all of my “What if’s,” even when you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

Finally, I’d like to thank every single reader who has given my books a chance, and especially those who’ve written to me with words of support and encouragement. It makes me happier than a love-struck woman in Paris to know that you’re enjoying my stories!


From: Angela Kelly

To: Chloe Turner

Sent: Thursday, August 25 at 1:00 a.m.

Subject: Pack your bags. The City of Love awaits.


Have come down with a deathly contagious flu and cannot take Paris trip. You will have to go in my place as there is no way I can be all Frenchy and sophisticated when I’m running to the bathroom every five minutes. Am stating right off the bat what a wretched boss I am for asking you to do this a week before your wedding, but you’ve worked for me long enough. You know I can be an unapologetic bitch, and I know you will get the job done. It’s what you always do.

Flight leaves today at 6 p.m., landing at Charles de Gaulle early tomorrow morning. Language instructor conference runs Friday and Saturday, and flight home is Sunday morning, leaving you plenty of time to prep for wedding. You’re staying at swanky Plaza Athénée Hotel off the Champs-Élysées. Do it up. Just don’t do any of those gorgeous French men. Paul probably wouldn’t like that too much. Plus, even though I’m not one for weddings, am actually looking forward to yours . . . that is, if I’m still invited.

Angela Kelly

Kelly and Rain Premier Event Planning

Washington, DC

From: Chloe Turner

To: Sophie Turner

Sent: Thursday, August 25 at 1:03 a.m.

Subject: Change of plans

Hey Soph,

Am trying not to flip out about this, but just heard from my crazy boss Angela. She is sick and is sending me to Paris on business . . . tonight. Okay, I’m officially flipping out. How can she do this? I’m getting married in nine days. NINE days! I cannot go to Paris this weekend! It’s not an option. Plus, you’re flying in on Saturday, and I am not leaving you and Paul alone in the same house when I’m not here to mediate. We all know how much the two of you love each other. I’m going to write Angela and tell her I’m not going to Paris. It’s out of the question. Please don’t worry Dad, Lily or Magali with any of this.

Love you,


P.S. In the rare event that I do go to Paris, send me your flight info so I can move your flight to Monday. Just in case. I’m not going though. I’m not.

From: Sophie Turner

To: Chloe Turner

Date: Thursday, August 25 at 1:07 a.m.

Subject: Re: Paris? WTF?


How can Angela ask you to travel to Paris when the wedding is next weekend? Your job is insane. And so is your boss. Seriously. But she’s just insane enough to fire you if you don’t go. And if you do go, Paul is going to throw a royal fit (which will make next week so. much. fun.). It’s no secret he wants you to quit your job and be a stay-at-home wife (which, by the way, could actually be a good thing—when was the last time you chilled out for five minutes?). Point is though, going to Paris on business this weekend will only fuel Paul’s fire . . . and if you don’t go to Paris, well, you’ll probably be fired.

Good luck sis. Glad I’m not in your shoes.