Kamikaze Nights:Love On The Rocks 3

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Louisa vows to never be a victim ever again. She’s so dead set on it that she doesn't trust men. She's been sexually harassed and seems to be wearing a sign that says “touch me, I’m easy.” Then she meets the Hunt brothers and finds out that real men know how to treat a lady. Her reservations are strong, and the men are losing their patience until she gets caught up in a burglary and becomes a suspect. They use their abilities and connections to prove she is innocent, but she’s still angry about being accused. When she figures out who the thief really is, all hell breaks loose and she needs those six men to protect her.

Her life is like her favorite drink, the kamikaze: crazy and wild. And, even though it seems like the future holds happiness with her new six boyfriends, she gets caught in the middle of her greatest nightmare and must fight with all she has while her men hunt down her captor. Louisa is a survivor and a fighter, but can she buy the time her men need to find her before it’s too late?


“Son of a bitch!” Liam Russell yelled out and slammed his fist down on the table. “I can’t believe this. You’re telling me these three companies have so much pull, so many connections that I’m being squashed? The Mondave family have ties to so much shit, the greedy fucks. Merk Enterprises along with Ultimate Defense, run by the Hunt brothers, dominate the fucking market!”

“Liam, we saw this shit coming. It’s because they have ties with both legit and criminal businesses. They fucking know cops and shit,” his guard and assistant Keno said to him.

“I wanted that fucking set of paintings. How the fuck did they find out about the hit?” Liam asked.

“I don’t think they did. I think the security teams were that good. There was no way for our guys to get in there.”

“What other fucking bad news do you have for me?”

Liam could tell that Keno was hesitant to say. Liam gripped the desk and clenched his teeth. “Just spit it the fuck out.”

“The sexy brunette you’ve had your eyes on left Paulano’s place. Word is he tried to bend her over the desk.”

“What?” He felt his blood pressure boiling.

“I told that slimy bastard to keep his hands off of her,” Liam stated.

“Yeah well, I think you kind of pissed him off, not giving him the first job.”

“Keno, he’s set to do the next heist in Cuba. I gave him free reign on that because of his connections he claims to have. Damn it to all hell. Where did she go?”

“Not sure yet. Do you want me to put someone on her house and follow her?”

“No. Make Paulano find out and tell him I’m not happy. Also let the fucker know that if he screws up this heist and isn’t successful that he owes me a hundred and fifty grand, and if he doesn’t pay, he’s a dead man.”

* * * *

Louisa Bellino felt her mouth drop as she spoke with her mom on the phone. She thought for sure she was calling for money. Last time she heard from her was about nine months to a year ago. Why she even answered the phone she didn’t know. Her mom wasn’t even the kind of woman to call a mom. Louisa practically hated her. Hell, she wouldn’t even want anyone to know she was related to her.

“You’re seeing who?” she asked.

“Miles. Can you believe it? I bumped into him a couple of months ago.”

“A couple of months ago, and you’re just telling me now?” she asked over the cell phone. Her heart was racing, her palms sweaty. Miles was a complete scumbag. He was the reason she had trust issues, hadn’t slept with a man or even allowed a man close to her. He was a womanizer, a rapist, a man who set his eyes on her mom in order to get his hands on Louisa. She felt panicked, sick to her stomach. What the hell was he doing? Messing with her mom’s head, making her think he wanted her and would be a companion to her?

“You’re upset.”

She never told her mother about him coming on to Louisa and how he cornered her in the bedroom, cupped her breast, forced his fingers under her skirt to her pussy and threatened to hurt her if she told a soul. He said she was a cock tease and that men were looking at her, wanting her, and he would be the only man to protect her. Louisa never really got over his advances or that sexual assault. Her mom had been pretending to be so distraught over her husband’s death even though they were divorced. She wanted the insurance money, or anything her father left behind.

Then within the year Miles was there, finagling his way into their lives and ultimately moving in right before Louisa left for college.

“He cheated on you. He’s no good, and all he wants is money.”