Judgment of the Moon and Stars:Suncoast Society

By: Tymber Dalton

Suncoast Society

Judgment of the Moon and Stars

Noah’s deep in the closet partially because of his high-profile job, but mostly because of his ultra-conservative family. He’s never been with a guy before, until a night at the Toucan resort with Jackson turns his world upside down in the best way possible. Except a work emergency calls him away before he gets Jackson’s last name…or phone number.

Jackson doesn’t know if the cutie ghosted on purpose or through a simple misunderstanding, but at least he has work to focus on. Except now that Jackson’s had a taste of Noah, he wants more—wants all of him.

After a chance encounter in the unlikeliest of places, Jackson knows he’s willing to do whatever he must to convince Noah this could be for life. Except Noah’s family is a problem and could cause problems for both of them. Can Jackson convince his boy to trust him to fight for their love, or will Noah’s fear drive them apart?

Chapter One

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Jackson paused just inside the doorway to the restaurant’s meeting room and carefully scanned the patrons already seated at various tables.

No one he knew.

Not that it would be a huge deal if he ran into anyone here that he knew, but it could potentially make for an uncomfortable evening. Certainly one where he wouldn’t be saying much and would be trying to make his exit as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.

Especially if they were parents of students of his, or fellow coworkers.

At least they’d be here for the same reason he was—they were kinky.

But depending on where he knew them from, his professional life could get…complicated.

He had a damn good job at Sorrellson Academy, teaching history and art. Last year, he’d been appointed the head of the social studies department, which encompassed history, government, civics, and other related classes. It meant it cut his art classes back to one, an introduction to art history that was open to all students from grade five and up, instead of the hands-on classes he’d enjoyed teaching. It was also an increase in his responsibilities, but it also meant a pay raise.

In addition to that, two years ago he’d been named the head of Sorrellson’s development and expansion committee. They were currently working on finalizing the zoning change that would allow them to kick off their big expansion project. All that was left was a final county commission hearing coming up soon.

Going on eleven years at Sorrellson, his first job out of college, he was happy working for them. He made a decent living wage at the private academy, the students were great, the parents usually non-assholish, and he got to do what he enjoyed without worrying about the ridiculous mandatory state testing bullshit public school teachers had to endure.

His job came with better benefits, too.

The only thing lacking at this point was someone to share his life with. After having survived a crushing heartbreak early in his college years, he’d held back his heart and played things cautious, careful.


Sure, he’d dated plenty of times over the years, and had play partners, but never anyone he clicked well enough with to want to make things permanent. He could find kinky bottoms, or guys who were great in bed yet more on the vanilla end of the scale, but no one who wanted a Dom full-time in their life.

Or he found the opposite end of the spectrum—guys who wanted a sugar Daddy, who wanted every tiny aspect of their life controlled and planned, and Jackson didn’t have the time or energy for that.

He needed a guy who fell somewhere in the middle of the kinky rainbow, one who could run his own life, who wasn’t a doormat, but who would cede control to him on demand.

So far, he’d epically failed in that quest.

If he was physically attracted to the guy, they weren’t kinky—or they were little more than a rentboy. If they matched up on the kinky end of things, he wasn’t attracted to them either physically or emotionally—or sometimes both.

It was starting to feel like he was hunting a unicorn, and the party and club scene up in Tampa was not his thing.

There’s got to be a better way.

Up until now, he’d tried to avoid getting into the local BDSM scene, mostly because of his job. Fortunately, attitudes were looser now thanks to popular movies and book series, and people were less likely to freak out.

Hence after spending the past year lurking on FetLife, Jackson had finally decided to try attending a local Suncoast Society munch. He’d visited clubs up in Tampa and Orlando before, and knew there was a dungeon right there in Sarasota. Except with his job, he’d kept those kinds of outings to a minimum and had never visited Venture.

This seemed to be the safest way to ease himself into the local kinky dating waters since he’d struck out online.