It's Not Ok, Sir Book 1_Conspiracy(8)

By: Novel Cat

Her mother was just like that, she had a weak character and she didn't have opinions of her own. Her father was her god. They had been divorced for so many years, yet in her heart, Johnson Su was still her husband. This was what Chandler Su hated most.

"He is your father after all." Mrs. Su's voice was very low.

Seeing her obedient mother, Su Qing felt sad again and softened her tone. "Mom, I'm tired. I'm going back to my room to rest."

She went into her room irritably with a burning pain on her face. Fortunately, tomorrow is the weekend, or otherwise, she would not be able to go to work.

"Thump, thump..."

A few minutes later, after the door was knocked twice, Mrs. Su's voice came in.

"Chandler, I forgot to tell you that my good friend has recommended a university professor to you. It's not convenient for you to show your face. I'll help you to make an appointment next week!"

Upon hearing this, Chandler Su was so annoyed that she threw herself onto the bed.

Since her ex-boyfriend dumped her, her mother had been looking everywhere for people to find her a boyfriend. Once she objected, her mother would cry and force her to meet those people.

Chapter 8 The Blind Date

A week later, in one evening, Chandler Su sat in a very romantic western restaurant and waited for the person of her blind date.

The matchmaker said that the guy was young and handsome, and he was a university professor. Chandler Su really did not have a good impression of phony professors.

At seven o'clock sharp, a man in grey trousers, a white shirt, and gold-rimmed glasses sat in front of Chandler Su.

"Hello, my name is Howard Zheng, I'm 29 years old. I am from here. Now I am a professor at Southern University ." The opening speech was simple and clear.

Chandler Su checked him out a bit, and then she raised her chin and said, "I have a few questions for you."

The person in front of her was gentle and elegant, exuding the temperament of a well-educated scholar. He should not be a phony professor. Chandler Su didn't really want to provoke him, but if she did not provoke him, she would not be able to escape.

"I'll tell you everything I know." Howard Zheng smiled, revealing two rows of white teeth.

"Do you having an apartment with three bedrooms, one dining room, and one living room?" Chandler Su glanced at him.

Although Jiangzhou was not a capital city, it was more prosperous than the capital city. The housing price was also high. If a young man wanted to own a house with three bedrooms and one living room, one dining room, which was more than 100 square meters, he must be either from a rich family or really outstanding.

This question made Howard Zheng smile. "I live in a duplex suite of 200 square meters now."

Chandler Su was stunned and thought, "The whole family must have scraped together a down payment for this duplex, and it must be in some suburban area in the middle of nowhere."

She immediately asked, "Do you own an Audi A6?"

Howard Zheng's smile deepened. "I am driving a Land Rover now. If you like Audi, I can change it in the future!"

Chandler Su seemed to be choked by a steamed bun. She opened her mouth and couldn't say anything for a while. On the contrary, Howard Zheng stared at her with playful eyes.

Chandler Su then made up her mind and said, "I'm not a virgin!"

She stared at him and thought, "I don't believe that you don't care at all!"

Howard Zheng looked out of the window and smiled. "I don't care if you are not a virgin."

Chandler Su's anger was ignited at once. She slammed the table and said, "Are you crazy? You have a big house and a luxury car. You are handsome and unrestrained. You are a university professor. Why do you want to choose someone like me?"

"What part of you is not good?" Howard Zheng looked deeply at Chandler Su.

"My father ran away with his mistress when I was a child. I grew up in a single-parent family, and now my mother and sister are all depending on me. My ex-boyfriend said that I was not gentle and I was not attractive, so he went abroad with a rich girl. I..." Chandler Su said all of these in one time and did not know what to say afterward.

"Is there anything else?" Howard Zheng looked at her and smiled.

"No." Chandler Su lowered her head and drank the juice. She had already exposed all her shortcomings. Why didn't the guy leave?