It's Not Ok, Sir Book 1_Conspiracy(6)

By: Novel Cat

Chandler Su was hit so hard that she saw stars and staggered. Penny Hu took the opportunity to push her in the back and made her fall on the hard floor heavily.

Chandler Su was sweating from the pain. She hurriedly got up and shouted repeatedly, "I'm not done with you!"

Chandler Su went up and gave Penny Hu a hard slap on her face. Penny Hu was caught unprepared.

Upon seeing this, Johnson Su stepped forward and was about to continue to beat Chandler Su. "Bastard, let's see how I will take care of you!"

At this time, the elder uncle and aunt were afraid that Chandler Su would get hurt, so they quickly stepped up to separate them from each other with their bodies.

"Johnson, don't be violent!" The elder uncle shouted angrily.

"Johnson, beat this bastard to death!" It was Lizz Hu's voice.

Chandler Su touched the corner of her mouth and looked down. Her hands were covered with blood, but she felt pleasure in her heart.

In the chaos, Chandler Su saw two people standing at the door with a glance. The one in the front was staring at her with dark eyes, and the one behind him was holding a bunch of flowers in his hand.

Chapter 6 In A Big Fight

Chandler Su's head exploded when she saw him here out of blue, and especially when she was this embarrassed!

At this time, the person who was holding the flowers said to the group of people who were in a physical fighting, "Excuse me, does Grandpa Su live in this ward?"

The next moment, these people including the elder uncle immediately looked at the people standing at the door.

The elder uncle was the first to respond. He quickly stepped forward and said with a smile, "Oh it's you Mr. Guan, please come in, come in!"

"Mr. Guan is here to visit Grandpa Su. Here's some money, please buy some nourishments for him." After saying that, Ford Lin handed over the flowers and a thick envelope to the elder aunt.

At this time, when everyone was looking at Michael Guan, he was also looking at the people in the ward one by one, including Chandler Su, who was incredibly embarrassed at the moment.

Chandler Su had never dreamed that someone with such social status Michael Guan would come to visit her grandfather. Her family had been ordinary people for the last eight generations, and they were not even remotely related to people with power and wealth.

When everyone was confused, the elder uncle quickly explained to the people including the elder aunt, "This is the son of my old comrade-in-arms. He is now the president of Brilliance Group in Jiangzhou. A while ago when my father was seriously ill, I asked him to invite the best expert to treat my father's illness in China!"

Upon hearing this, the elder aunt immediately welcomed him warmly. Even Johnson Su and Lizz Hu had changed their ferocious looks and began to approach Michael Guan. However, Michael Guan put on a cold face the time, and he was just enthusiastic to the elder uncle and the elder aunt.

Lizz Hu was a person who knew how to grab her opportunity. After a while, she pushed Penny Hu over and said in a flattering voice, "Penny, Mr. Guan is managing a very big enterprise. He may have business with us in the future. You can communicate with him more!"

Her dissipated dad had opened a small insurance agency company. It was said that Lizz Hu and her daughter were good at doing business with male clients. Each time, they were able to break one family.

Lizz Hu and Penny Hu. Chandler Su suspected that the names of the mother and daughter must have been given by the same person who boldly predicted their lives: one was a homewrecker, and one who sleeps with anyone.

"My name is Penny Hu. Please take care of me in the future." Penny Hu put on a very coquettish voice.

"I wouldn't be qualified." Although there was no expression on Michaell Guan's face, he still tried to be polite.

Penny Hu continued with a smile, "Mr. Guan, is it convenient to add you to WeChat?"

"I never add business partners on my WeChat. You can add my secretary for business." Michael Guan looked up and said.

Penny Hu didn't seem to give up after being politely turned down. She wanted to continue to say something.

Chandler Su didn't even bother to listen to the disgusting words, so she said to her elder uncle and aunt, "Elder uncle, elder Aunt, I am going back first."