It's Not Ok, Sir Book 1_Conspiracy(4)

By: Novel Cat

However, Michael Guan's next gesture confused Chandler Su!

As Chandler Su just reached out to take back that 150 yuan, he then unexpectedly threw another banknote on top of that.

She looked at him confusedly and did not understand what he meant. "President Guan?"

"These 100 yuan is your reward for last night." Michael Guan's eyes were full of superiority.

Damn it, Chandler Su really wanted to swear at this moment!

He meant that she was a prostitute, who was even fifty yuan cheaper than a toyboy with bad skills. She was only worth a hundred yuan, which meant she was humiliated for being cheap.

If it wasn't for the fact that the whole family were depended on her financially, Chandler Su would have slapped him directly and told him that she was not someone to mess with.

However she had to lower her head under his roof. Chandler Su, filled with anger in her chest, told herself to calm down, and to stay calm.

At this moment, Michael Guan happened to stare at her with playful eyes. He wanted to see that he just took the upper hand. She would not let him succeed.

After turning his eyes, Chandler Su went forward and picked up the 250 yuan. She held the notes in the air with her fingers and said to President Guan with a bright smile, "President Guan, a jerk!"

Michael Guan's face immediately pulled down as Chandler Su had wished. Before he could respond, she said, "If there's nothing else, I'll go back to work."

After running out of the president's office, Chandler Su shrugged her shoulders complacently.

When she was in college, she was the best debate in the school's debates. If you want to argue with Chandler Su? You will have a long way to practice!

"What does he want from you?" As soon as Chandler Su returned to the office, Lisa Qiao pulled her over and asked her in a low voice.

Chandler Su rolled her eyes. "Just to clarify that he is not a toy boy."

"And then?" Lisa Qiao wanted to dig out some other exclusive news.

"There's nothing more." Chandler Su shrugged.

"So boring!" Lisa Qiao completely lost her curiosity.

"You look quite disappointed?" Chandler Su did not understand what Lisa Qiao was thinking.

There were some naughtiness in Lisa Qiao's smile. "I thought he wanted to get more from you."

Chandler Su immediately curled her lips and said, "I still want to live a few more years!"

"The big boss is a knockout who can prolong a woman's life, just like a tonic." Lisa Qiao lowered her head and looked at the photo of Michael Guan on her mobile phone.

In just a few hours, Michael Guan's photo had been spread all over the mobile phones of all female employees of the Brillance Group.

"Good guys always end up with some old witches. I'm young and beautiful, forget it." Chandler Su shook her head with a smile.

"Hey, what did he taste like?" Lisa Qiao approached her with a smile.

Chandler Su raised her eyebrows and grinned. "It's sour. You can have a try if you don't believe me."

"I wish I could taste it." Lisa Qiao rolled her eyes and returned to her seat.

Chandler Su did taste him, but she was so drunk that she forgot what he really tasted like.

No matter how good he tasted, he is still a jerk and an unromantic cold-faced jerk.

Chandler Su shook her head, he wasn't her cup of tea.

Chapter 5 The Encounter of Enemies

As soon as she finished working in the afternoon, Chandler Su went straight to the nursing home in the suburbs.

By the time she arrived at the nursing home, it had already got dark outside.

When her grandfather was young, he was a soldier and had served in the national army, so he was able to enjoy the treatment of a veteran cadre. As a result, he had been able to live in a nursing home.

Grandfather was nearly 90 years old and had been bedridden for more than ten years, so Chandler Su didn't have a deep relationship with him. She came here only for peace of mind.

As soon as she entered the ward, Chandler Su saw her elder uncle and elder aunt sobbing in front of her grandfather, who was lying on the bed.

"Chandler is here!" The elder aunt saw Chandler Su first. She got up and came over.

"How is grandpa?" Chandler Su looked at the skinny old man on the bed and felt very upset.

"He has already been issued a critical condition notice, he will be gone in one or two days." The elder uncle answered sadly.