It's Not Ok, Sir Book 1_Conspiracy(10)

By: Novel Cat

Michael Guan stared at Chandler Su in surprise. Mathew Cao frowned and said, "Chandler Su, there are several major cases in the finance department recently. I can't transfer anyone to help you."

"I know. I'm sure I can complete the budget before next Monday!" Chandler Su said firmly.

Lisa Qiao can't lose this job. Chandler Su knew that it would take a lot of time to redo the budget, but she still wanted to try her best.

Michael Guan's face was full of contempt. "Do you think you can complete the budget on your own within just six days? Do you think you're faster than a computer?"

"Isn't the computer also made by manpower?" Chandler Su muttered.

This sentence immediately made the office quiet down. Michael Guan stared at her coldly, and she immediately lowered her head. She hated that she could never control her speech.

A few seconds later, Michael Guan said to Chandler Su seriously, "Okay, if you can't complete the budget next Monday, you will be fired immediately!"

Mathew Cao looked at Chandler Su nervously, but Chandler Su did not change her expression. She reached out to pick up the budget and said, "Understood. I'm going to work on it."

After that, she walked out of the president's office, leaving Michael Guan and Mathew Cao all surprised.

Anyway, she didn't leave any good impression in front of Michael Guan. It was impossible for her to get a promotion and get a raise in the future. It was better to keep Lisa Qiao here. If she failed to finish this task, she would go somewhere else to try her luck.

Chapter 10 The Evil Capitalist

Chandler Su went home to pack up some simple baggage and prepared to spend her next six days in the company.

Two days later at lunch break, Chandler Su suddenly received a call from Howard Zheng.

"Howard, I'm busy now. I don't have time to chat with you." Chandler Su was a little annoyed. The budget work was far more complicated than she had imagined.

"I know you're busy and dare not disturb you. I've been on a business trip for a few days and brought you a small gift. Why don't you do me a favor to come down and take it?" Howard Zheng said cautiously.

After the last time, Chandler Su and he added each other to WeChat. The two had a great time chatting. They shared a lot of the same languages, so they had been kept in touch.

Upon hearing this, Chandler Su was moved. He still remembered her even when he was traveling for business.

Chandler Su looked at her watch and thought, "Anyway, this short period of time won't hurt." So she turned to the phone and said, "Wait a minute, I'll go down now."

As soon as she got out of the building, Chandler Su saw Howard Zheng holding a small box with a pink ribbon on it, smiling at her.

"Although work is important, your health is more important. Don't be too tired." Howard Zheng looked at the haggard Chandler Su and said.

"I got it." Chandler Su's eyes were sore for a moment.

She had been staying in the company for several days, no one cared about her so much.

"It's for you." Howard Zheng put the small box in Chandler Su's hand, looking shy. Obviously, he was not a veteran in relationships.

Chandler Su turned her head and looked at a few rows of benches for resting not far away. She pointed at them and said with a smile, "It's still a few minutes before we start to work. Why don't you chat with me for a bit?"

"Sure." Howard Zheng was overjoyed.

"You must be very tired from the business trip, aren't you?" Chandler Su couldn't find any topics. She felt that it was a bit heartless to send him away as soon as he arrived.

"Not at all. I just went to give a lecture and enjoyed the scenery by the way." Howard Zheng smiled a little bit cautiously.

While they were talking, Chandler Su looked up and suddenly saw a figure in a black suit standing not far away.

The man looked cool with both of his hands in his pocket. He sneered when he saw Chandler Su's eyes. Then, he turned around and left.

Chandler Su could not help but curse in her heart, "Damn it, he always comes and goes like a ghost every day. I can't believe I got caught by him even for these few minutes outside."

"Do you know that person?" Howard Zheng followed Chandler Su's gaze and saw Michael Guan.

"I know him even if he's reduced to ashes!" Chandler Su replied through gritted teeth.