Inferno of Love:Firefighters of Long Valley Book 2(9)

By: Erin Wright

“I am sad to say that it does.” She sent him a pitifully sad look and he let out a gust of laughter.

“Now hold on a good long minute, how long have you been friends with me? And even with all our years of friendship, you were willing to bet against me, and for your high school biology teacher?”

“Considering the high school biology teacher is my dad, yeah, probably. Although he didn’t tell me that he’d be playing tonight. I wonder if he weaseled out of it somehow.” Her dad wasn’t exactly the kind of person who rode donkeys or played basketball regularly, let alone played basketball while riding a donkey. She would’ve been surprised to see him there, although it was for a good cause, so maybe. Stranger things had happened in the history of the universe.


“We should probably go chat with Jaxson and see when the game is going to be starting. The natives are getting restless,” Levi interjected.

“Good idea. Ladies.” Moose nodded to Georgia and Tennessee and then turned to walk away with Levi, two fantastic asses on display as they went.

“He has an ass you could bounce a quarter off,” Tennessee said with a lusty sigh as they both openly ogled the display.

“Hold on, what? Moose?” Georgia asked, confused. She could’ve swore Tenny had been looking at Levi’s ass when she said that, and…well, that just didn’t make any sense.

“Oh yeah, Moose. Of course.” Tennessee’s cheeks were a little flushed, and she was staring at the far wall of the gym.

“Wha…wha…Please don’t tell me you like Levi,” Georgia finally stuttered out. Her mind could hardly grasp the idea. Georgia had dated Levi for three years; she knew that he was a good-looking guy, and a nice one, too.

In comparison to Moose, though…

Choosing Levi over Moose was just plain insane, and that wasn’t even taking into consideration the fact that Uncle Robert would have a heart attack if he knew.

“He’s…” Tenny trailed off as her gaze shifted upward, apparently completely fascinated by the banner hanging from the gym’s rafters that celebrated Sawyer’s volleyball state championship in 1984. “Levi’s just really different.”

“And, in case you haven’t noticed, he’s not Moose,” Georgia hissed. She was trying to point out the obvious without letting the panic overwhelm her, but she’d be the first to admit that she wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

Tennessee couldn’t like Levi. Tennessee was marrying Moose. It was the joining of the two reigning families in Long Valley – the owner of the local John Deere dealership, and the owner of the largest spread of farmland in three counties. Their children would be farming kings and queens.

It was settled. It had been their whole lives.

“Be honest with me for a minute,” Tenny whispered, finally tearing her eyes away from the volleyball banner hanging from the eaves. “Have you ever seen Moose look at me like he wants to tear my clothes off?”

Georgia just stared at her normally meek and mild-mannered cousin with her mouth hanging wide open.

“Think about it,” Tenny continued when Georgia didn’t say anything. Couldn’t say anything. “We’ve been practically engaged since we were born. Moose didn’t have any more say in this than I have. Do you know what it’s like to be forced into marriage by your parents?! It’s like we’re in the 15th century or something. Just because our dads are golfing buddies and BFFs for life doesn’t mean that I want to marry Moose! And really? Moose? It’s hard to feel attracted to someone named Moose.”

“His name isn’t Moose, it’s Deere,” Georgia protested automatically, even as her mind was spinning, her gaze unfocused as she tried to take it all in. Tennessee didn’t like Moose? Tennessee didn’t want to marry Moose?

How was this even possible? Georgia was just sure that next, her cousin was going to announce that she was actually an alien from Mars. It would sound practically normal compared to what she’d just said.

“I know what his name is!” Tennessee whisper-shouted.

Georgia’s head whipped back and her eyes finally focused on her cousin’s face – beautiful and perfect and way prettier than Georgia could ever be. Tennessee probably could’ve made it in the modeling world if she’d wanted to. She had the kind of look that would stop a man in his tracks – had stopped many men in their tracks. Georgia had seen it happen again and again over the years.

She used to mind – being the Plain Jane cousin was not exactly something people tended to be thrilled about – but she’d long ago moved past it. She would never be stunningly gorgeous like Tenny…but she also didn’t have to spend two hours every day curling her hair and eyelashes, and wrangling every other hair on her body into submission that could potentially be plucked, curled, shaved, or straightened. She didn’t have Uncle Robert as an overbearing father or Aunt Roberta as an overbearing mother.