I Remember You

By: H.L. Logan



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“Hey, Care! You with us, hon?”

I relaxed against the comfortable surface I was lying on. Whoever that person was talking to with her soft, honeyed voice, it wasn’t me.

“Could’ve sworn I saw her eyes open halfway,” the same person said, softer, as if she was speaking to someone else. “Must’ve imagined it. She’s passed right out.”

Another voice. “She did get a pretty nasty bump on the head, Bibi.” A snort. “I’m still losing it over the look on her face when she saw she was jogging straight into that tree.”

“Want to give it a rest? Care’s gotta be concussed or something. You really going to laugh at her?”

“All right, all right.”

The two of them continued to murmur, and I continued to wonder. They weren’t talking about me, obviously. My name was Cara, and no one shortened it to Care. And I wouldn’t go jogging if my life depended on it.

On the other hand, I was pretty out of it. And I had just tried to open my eyes.

Maybe I’d been jogging away from a mugger. Or the two of them somehow had my name wrong. More likely, I was overhearing friends visiting the person beside me, which would still mean I was in a hospital bed right now. What had happened?

I tried again to open my eyes, this time with even less success than before. A groan of frustration mounted inside me that I couldn’t let out. What the fuck? I searched my memory for anything that would explain this situation. The effort was too much, and I dropped back into oblivion.

When I woke up again, the same honeyed voice was speaking. The girl—Bibi—must not have left since last time. Although that wasn’t saying much, since “last time” could’ve been five minutes or five days ago. I was so tired, all I wanted was to go back to sleep for five more months.

Despite my exhaustion, I could still enjoy the sound of Bibi’s voice. She was just talking about schoolwork, but with her melodious tones, I would’ve listened to her read the damn phone book. So warm, so mellow… I let out a sigh.

“Care!” Something clattered, like a chair toppling to the floor. I felt a presence at my side and then a warm clasp around my hand.

“Chill, Bibi. She’s out like a light.”

“I heard her sigh, Bella.”

“You sure?”

“I swear to God,” Bibi said with excitement. “Wake up, Cara. C’mon, hon. I know you hear me.”

With great effort I forced my eyes open. I could only hold them open for about a millisecond—just long enough to get a blurry image of Bibi. Her face was exactly what I would’ve predicted from her voice. She had the kind of cheekbones people drooled over, along with classical features and a head of thick blonde hair. She was really fucking good-looking, to put it otherwise.

The vibe she gave off was sorority-girl chic, and yet her eyes were filled with a concern that showed all the tenderness sorority girls weren’t generally known to have.

“She opened her eyes!” Bibi nearly yelled. “Do it again, Care.” Her thumb ran over the back of my hand, her fingers digging into my palm. “If you did it once, you can do it again.”

“Chill,” Bella said. “You’re acting like she’s coming out of a damn coma or some shit. All she got was a knock on the head.”

Bibi scoffed. “I was worried about her.”

I melted a little. I still didn’t know who these two were, but it sure seemed like they knew me. And even if it turned out that Bibi had somehow mixed me up with her friend, her affection for Care was touching.

My next attempt to open my eyes went better. I managed to stare at Bibi for a full few seconds, taking in all her glorious beauty. Sunlight streamed onto her from the window, making her look like she was wearing a halo.

Goddamn. Whoever this girl was, I hoped I was going to be seeing more of her.

Still, I had a lot to figure out. My gaze traveled around the room. We were definitely in a hospital. The austere white surroundings were unmistakable. Now that I was coming back to reality I also noticed I was in a hospital robe and had an IV in one hand.