His Truth(78)

By: Riley Hart

There was another pause, and then Leo slowly lifted his hand and latched on to Anthony’s.

It was a start. He didn’t know where it would lead them, but wherever they went, Roman had no doubt he and Leo would be okay.

“We’ll talk soon,” Roman told Anthony, and then he grabbed Leo’s hand again. Anthony nodded…and walked out. Once he was gone, Leo waited in the lobby as Roman had a quick session with his doctor. Afterward, the two of them held hands again and walked out of the building together, as they were always meant to be.

They were in the car, driving home, when Roman spoke. “It took us a long time to get here,” he said. Things were coming together, though. He felt mentally healthier than he had in years. He was in therapy and learning coping skills. Leo still didn’t have a relationship with his father, but he and his mother did talk on the phone more regularly now. They didn’t see each other, but that’s the way life went sometimes. Not everything could be perfect, but true happiness didn’t require perfection.

“It did,” Leo finally answered.

And as hard as it was, as much pain as they’d been through, if it was the only way to get there, Roman would do it all over again. Their pasts formed who they were, and he was happy with them.

“I love you, Ro,” Leo told him.

“I love you too.” And he always would. There was nothing they couldn’t accomplish together.


I don’t really know where to start on the acknowledgement for this book. As always thanks to my readers, author friends, editors, proofreaders, cover designer, photographer. Again, another special thanks to the therapists/psychologists who read HIS TRUTH. I’d also like to thank the people who read early copies of this book. There were a lot of you and I’m SO scared I’m going to forget someone. If I do, please know I appreciate you too and sorry for the error. Thanks to Erin, Marc, Rocco, Ryan, Jen, Jenn, Annabella, Doc, Rod, Michael, Michelle, Dana, Theresa…gah, I know I’m forgetting someone. I’m sorry and thank you all for reading and helping me feel more secure in this journey. I couldn’t have done it without you. Oh, and thanks to my husband’s grandma and Judy for the help with Italian things.