Her Dragon's Soul (Dragon Guard Series Book 9)

By: Julia Mills


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Dare to Dream! Find the Strength to Act! Never Look Back!

Thank you, God.

To my girls, Liz and Em, I Love You. Every day, every way, always.


“No way! No freaking way! It’s just not possible. Hannah has NOT become one of Cleland’s mindless followers. You’re wrong, Liam, just wrong!”

Liam looked from Melanie to Jace and back again, trying to decide if he’d done the right thing by telling them. The young nurse was pacing, throwing her hands in the air, alternating between yelling at him and mumbling to herself. He’d known it wasn’t going to be pleasant, but was in no way prepared for the tirade he was watching.

It had been necessary. He’d waited as long as he could. The last thing he wanted was to upset his best friend or his mate, but after what he’d seen in Hannah’s eyes earlier, there was no way he could put it off any longer. Telling them the beautiful girl with strawberry blonde curls was the one the Universe made for him had been easier than he thought it would be, but telling them he was sure she was being controlled by a malevolent force had royally sucked!

They’d already suffered so much at the hands of Melanie’s grandfather. A few weeks earlier, Cleland (aka Grandpa and the Grand Draoi of the Dorcha) had kidnapped his only granddaughter with the hopes of marrying her off to one of his minions, turning her white magic dark, and using her incredible power to rule the world. Needless to say, he is not in the running for grandfather of the year.

It was something the Dorcha—a group of black magic wizards who descended from the dark aborigines from the 13th century, the Firbolgs—had been trying to do since their inception. They almost succeeded! It had taken Liam, Jace, the Dragon Guard, and several very talented white witches to stop Cleland’s plans and save Melanie and her friends. Unfortunately, the piece of crap had gotten away. Now, Liam was faced with the horrible task of telling Mel he was sure good ol’ Grandpa was still meddling in their lives, albeit from afar.

Does this shit ever end?

“Mo chroi’, please stop pacing. You’re wearing a path in the carpet and I really don’t want to listen to Rory bitch about his precious décor. Besides, my neck is killing me from trying to keep up with you.” Jace’s attempt at lightening the mood was met with a death stare as he grabbed his mate’s hand, pulling her towards him. “I know you heard what Liam said. Hannah is his mate. There’s no way in hell he’d make this shit up.”

Pausing, the newly mated dragon and recently initiated Dragon Guardsman looked directly at Liam. “Tell us exactly what happened.”

Clearing his throat, Liam began to recount his breakfast with Hannah. His nerves threatened his resolve for the first time in years. “Everything was going great, just like every other morning for the last couple of weeks.” He paused for half a second then rushed on. “Breakfast has kinda become ‘our thing’.” He failed at holding back his grin then shrugged as he regained his composure. “It’s been our time to get to know each other. I wanted to make sure she really knew me before I dropped the big ‘I’m your mate’ bomb on her. Things had been going so well that I’d decided today was the day to tell her. She feels the pull of the mating call, of that I’m sure. I definitely know how I feel and my dragon thinks I’ve waited way too long as it is. From hanging out with y’all, she knows what being a dragon’s mate entails, but I knew I owed her a direct conversation about my intentions, ya’ know what I mean?”

He stood staring out the large picture window in the small cottage the Blue Dragons, more specifically Rory, had provided for Melanie and Jace while they continued the search for Kyra’s mom, Calysta, the Grand Priestess of pretty much all the white witches in the world. Liam knew what he was about to tell his friends would probably start the pacing and the yelling all over again, but just like everything lately...it had to be done.

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