Her Barbarian Master:Forbidden Love (Alpha Male Master Series Book 2)(7)

By: Maggie Carpenter

She was running down the wide hallway, tears brimming in her eyes, her throat was unbearably hot. What had just happened? She had no idea, but she wanted to get as far away from him as she possibly could.


It was early evening, and at the barbarian's compound the tribe had gathered for the evening meal. Unless it was a celebratory event, the men sat at one long table, the women and children at another. It was when important matters were discussed, and Bastian would share any special news of the day.

The preparation of the food was the women's responsibility, and though Bastian's wife, Marian, was the authority figure for the females, the kitchen was ruled by Hermione, a robust redhead who possessed great cooking skills and governed her domain as fiercely as Bastian dominated the tribe. No-one except Bastian dared to cross her.

As everyone settled into their chairs, Bastian watched his son march through the arched door towards him. When angry or aggressive, a barbarian's eyes would darken, often flashing red for a brief instant, and their features would sharpen. They were warriors, and the transformation made them appear ferocious, aiding them in battle. Bastian sometimes saw it as a curse, but as Killian approached Bastian was grateful his son could not hide his feelings. Something serious was troubling the young man.

"What has you so unsettled?" he asked quietly as Killian sat next to him.

"It's nothing."

"Nothing does not make your eyes turn black and your nose appear like a gull's beak. You must tell me. I cannot help you if you don't."

"I'm not comfortable talking about it," Killian mumbled. "You'll think me weak."

"Ah, the village girl."

"How did you guess?" Killian asked, amazed his father could know such a thing.

"When you took her in to punish her your mood was bright, you were in balance, but now look at you. You have bleakness and rage written across your face. How is it Serenity has turned you upside-down?"

"It isn't right that she's affected me like this," he answered evasively. "It isn't right at all."

"Tell me what happened."

"She's…different. I don't know why, she just is."

"I agree. When we settled here I met her as a child. She was different even then. I knew she would become a beauty, but I also knew she would be troublesome. You'd best steer clear."

"I don't think that will be a problem."


"She rejected me," Killian whispered, not wanting anyone to overhear. "I still can't believe it."

Bastian saw Killian's eyes flash crimson. It was a bad sign. His son was deeply upset.

"Let me understand this. Did you tell her you would send for her and she denied you?"

"She did, and she even dared to yell at me. Can you believe that? I could have snapped her in two. A slip of a poor village girl didn't want the honor of being one of my women, then she dared to yell at me, and this was after I'd punished her. I have been pacing since she left. How could such a thing happen?"

"You must settle. She is not worthy of your anger. She bruised your ego, that is all. Demonstrate your maturity by not even thinking about such a trivial matter."

"It's difficult," Killian grunted. "It's as if she's weaved a spell, as if she's haunting me, as if she has found her way into my brain and won't leave."

"Think about your other women, think of their visits when the moon is high. It will help banish her from your thoughts while we eat. Isn't Biddie one of your favorites?"

"Yes, Biddie is excellent at favoring my member with her mouth."

"Then look over at her, enjoy watching her eat, then later tonight send for her."

Glancing across the room, Killian spied Biddie seated in the middle of the women's table. Her dark long locks were flowing around her face, and as she brought a bird's leg up to her lips and began to lick off the sauce, he could feel his cock stirring. It reminded him of how he would gather her hair, then grasp it tightly to guide her movements as she sucked.

Seeing his son's face begin to soften, Bastian nodded with satisfaction. Killian was properly distracted and calming down. Though his son was in line for the leadership chair, there were no guarantees. The head of the tribe was based on physical toughness, mental prowess, and emotional stability. If Killian was seen to be upset by a simple village girl it could be viewed as a sign of weakness, and if another challenged him, he would have to prove himself. It was a battle Bastian wanted to avoid. Challenges could be vicious, sometimes fatal.