Her Barbarian Master:Forbidden Love (Alpha Male Master Series Book 2)(53)

By: Maggie Carpenter

He took aim below the previous cuts, dispatching the switch closer to the tender area at the base of her bottom.


"I know it was you who convinced Godwin to pick up his sword and lead his men here to take the castle."

"But how? How could you possibly have learned that?" she asked breathlessly, twisting her head to stare at him with shocked eyes.

"I have spies across this land. I know many things."

"It's impossible. You couldn't have known."

"Then why did we have weapons secreted away throughout the fortress ready for your attack?" he asked, thanking the angels for the inspired retort. "Tell her, Trebor, tell her that our swords were always at hand, and many were slain by men hidden in the shadows."

"It's true," he yelled from across the room. "He must have known."

"You are beaten, Soraya," Killian declared. "Accept it."

Pulling her up, he hustled across the room, and pushed her on to the floor next to Trebor.

"You may have won the fight, but you can't treat us this way!" Trebor shouted. "She is the daughter of Dolan, and I'm the son of Godwin. You may know what we did, but you'd better stop this."

Killian scowled down at him, then eliciting a sharp squeal, he yanked the thin fabric knotted around Soraya's waist, balled up one end, and stuffed it in Trebor's mouth.

"That should keep you quiet, and as for you, Soraya, get off the floor and on to your knees."

"And if I don't," she quipped, naked at his feet, yet still defiant as she stared up at him, "what are you going to do? Whip me again?"

"No, but I will tell everyone how you betrayed us, and you know what we do to traitors. It is the unforgivable crime. Your father will be powerless to save you and Trebor from a gruesome death."

"You—you—you wouldn't."

"Do not doubt me."

She paused, studying him, then slowly rising to her knees, her expression changed. She appeared woebegone and filled with sorrow.

"Please, Killian, please don't," she softly pleaded. "I'm so dreadfully sorry."

"You continue to underestimate me, Soraya. Stop that pitiful act or I shall call in my men."

"Fine," she snapped, her demeanor changing in an instant. "What is it you want?"

"You will marry Trebor, but you will not live with the Phelans, you will remain with the Alamans. If you so much as look at someone with an evil eye, I will see you naked in shackles, scrubbing floors, and spanked by a different man every day for a month. If you cross me, my tribe, or the Alamans, I will expose you and Trebor for the conniving traitors that you are. Do I make myself clear?"

"This is so unfair."

"On the contrary I'm being merciful, but only if you do as I say. Any ambition stops now. I have close friends in the Alaman tribe, and they will report your every move. Do not think, not for one moment, that being on the other side of the mountain offers you any protection."

He paused, giving his words time to sink in, and he finally saw the defeat in her eyes.

"The only reason I'm not revealing your crime is for your father, but if you defy me, I promise you, Soraya, I will make good on my threat. You will leave in the early morning, and will remain in this room under guard until you do!"

"I know when I am beaten. I will not cause you any trouble, not now, and not in the future."

"I will only believe your actions, never your words. One last thing. I suspect Trebor genuinely cares for you. Step down from your lofty goals. Learn to find comfort in the arms of a loving man. You might be surprised. I'll leave this stick here, but for you, Trebor," he said, dropping the rod in front of him. "It might come in handy."

Trebor stared up at him, and for a moment Killian thought he saw a flash of realization. Hoping he was right, with one last steely glance at Soraya, he strode from the room.

"They're not to leave for any reason," he said to his men. "Do not be fooled by Soraya. No matter what she says, she stays."

"You can count on us, Killian."

Walking briskly down the hallway he headed to his father's quarters in the front of the castle, and marching with a long, purposeful stride, he soon found himself knocking on the door of the expansive chambers.