Her Barbarian Master:Forbidden Love (Alpha Male Master Series Book 2)(12)

By: Maggie Carpenter

As all eyes turned to him, Bastian walked across the small space, and stopping in front of her, his tall, massive body towering over her, he leaned slightly forward and began to speak.

"Do you remember what happened when you were a child and I first entered your home?"

"Of course," Serenity replied, feigning a courage she did not feel. He was huge in height and size, and his mere presence was menacing.

"Tell me what was said back then."

"I, uh, told you we wouldn't fight you so you didn't have to hurt us, then father said he would fight you, and I said he wouldn't if I asked him not to."

"And what did I say?"

"You said I was brave and foolish and I got that from him."

"You haven't changed, Serenity. You are still brave, and you are still a foolish little girl. You must learn when to surrender, when to bow before those more powerful. One day you will learn this, and I hope no harm will come to you before you do. Rules apply to everyone, and if you break them, regardless of the reasons why, you must be sorry. It is the way of life. Layla stole for honorable reasons, but she understands her bad behavior and has apologized. It's a shame you have not done so. Your pride will be your undoing, Serenity. Come, Killian, we have spent too much time here already."

Serenity felt her face flame with fresh heat. Was Bastian right? Had she been wrong to defend herself?

He abruptly turned and strode towards the front door. Killian followed, but as Killian passed her, he paused, standing just inches away. Her heart began to thump, and she felt a burst of fluttering in her stomach. She thought he was about to deliver another scolding, but he suddenly walked on, and while Sampson hurried to close the door behind the departing barbarians, Serenity thought she was about to collapse. She felt weak, and her legs were wobbly.

"Serenity, you're so red. Are you all right?"

"Am I foolish, father?"

"No, but sometimes you do foolish things. We all do."

"Should I be sorry for breaking the rules even though it was because I wanted to help Layla? Should I have just left her at the mercy of that big brute?"

"At times like that, there is no easy answer."

"What would you have done?"

"I wouldn't have gone up there in the first place."

"Exactly," Sampson interjected, "and that was the mistake. You both put yourself in a bad situation, and now you'll be at the whim and mercy of the barbarians for an entire day, possibly longer if they decide to keep you there."

"At least we got some food," Layla piped up.

"And now we can approach them if something goes wrong," Serenity added. "That's new, and it's good."

"But why the change?" her father murmured.

"I'm wondering that myself," Sampson agreed, "but at the moment I am more grateful than suspicious."

"After Serenity and I suffer through tomorrow, our lives will be back to normal, maybe even better than normal," Layla said, hoping it made her mistake less egregious. "It didn't turn out so bad after all."

Serenity and her father said their goodbyes, but as they began to walk back to their cottage, Layla's words, our lives will be back to normal, were echoing through Serenity's head.

Normal? No. Serenity was sure things would never be normal for her again.


Killian stared out the window. He was in the living area of his father's chambers, and had been perched on the wide ledge for some time, gazing down at the front of the compound, and across the fields and small forest to the village in the distance. If he became the leader, the spacious chambers would be his, but for the moment he preferred living in the back of the castle. The front had suffered damage from battles long before they had arrived, but the rear of the fortress was virtually unscathed, and he had discovered the rooms there held secrets, secrets he'd shared with only his father.

Though Biddie had taken his stiffened shaft into her marvelous mouth two nights in a row, Serenity had stubbornly stayed in his head. Even as Biddie had laid sleeping next to him, her large breasts pressed against his body, her bottom warm from his spanking hand, and her wrists still tied in his rope, he had stared up at the carved canopy of the dark wood bed wondering why he could think of nothing but the beautiful village girl. Was his father right? Was it just his bruised ego causing the willful girl to haunt him? Killian wanted to believe him, but it felt like so much more. Her continued petulance at Sampson's cottage had shocked him. She was slight of build, yet she wasn't in the least intimidated and had remained defiant. The scolding lecture his father had delivered had been wise, but had it made any impact on her?