Her Wilde Bodyguards

By: Chloe Lang

Chapter One

The crowd came to their feet, applauding.

Gya Gaynor took a bow. “Thank you, Dallas, Texas. Thank you for coming. Have a good night.”

Her band continued playing the final measures of the closing song as she turned to exit the stage.

A gunshot rang out through the air.

Fear gripped her body as she crouched down. The audience went into a state of pandemonium.

Stephanie Parker, her agent, ran from the sidelines and helped her offstage to safety.

Sirens and screams filled the air, but no more shots. Still, more could come. Gya knew the gunman was looking for her, and she hoped that no one would be hurt.

She and Stephanie ran all the way to her dressing room without saying a word. Once inside, they closed and locked the door behind them.

Breathing fast, Stephanie stared directly at her. “Enough is enough. No more arguments, Gya. None.”

She knew exactly what Stephanie meant. “Let’s wait for the police to come and then we can decide what needs to be done.”

Her agent continued to help her weather all the challenges that came with her rise to the top of the pop charts. Stephanie was as much of a mom to Gya as any woman could ever be to her—especially given her past.

“I said no more arguments and I meant it.” Stephanie placed her ear to the door. “What’s going on out there? Someone should’ve come by now.”

“I don’t need bodyguards twenty-four-seven.” Even with all the death threats that had come the last few months, Gya didn’t want to be surrounded by more people. Unlike some of her contemporaries in the music business, she didn’t care to have an entourage of sycophants. She’d learned to survive on her own a long time ago. “We can hire a local detachment at each venue of this tour until the deranged fan is arrested.”

“Deranged fan? Yes, Vinnie Scarpelli is a fan of yours and definitely deranged, but he’s much more than that. He’s a killer.”

Gya had performed for the mobster’s birthday party when her career was just getting underway. He’d become infatuated with her, sending her flowers and gifts week after week ever since. Very creepy, especially since the man was old enough to be Gya’s grandfather.

“We don’t know for sure Scarpelli is the one behind the threats or this gunshot.”

“Maybe not, but he is dangerous, sweetheart.”

“The FBI has assured us that they are keeping tabs on Scarpelli. Besides, I don’t think he would ever really hurt me. Seriously, Stephanie, I don’t want permanent bodyguards.”

“Then do this for me if not yourself. I don’t think my heart can take much more, Gya.”

Before she could answer, a knock on the door shook both of them.

“Miss Gaynor, are you okay?” The voice allowed her and Stephanie to take a deep, calming breath, though neither of them really cared for the woman on the other side of the door. Sharon Thompson was the promoter of this tour.

“We’re fine, Sharon.” Stephanie didn’t move to let the woman in. “Is it all clear out there?”


Stephanie carefully opened the door.

Sharon walked in and went straight to Gya, wrapping her arms around her. “I’m so glad you’re both okay.”

Gya didn’t care to be hugged. It wasn’t that she had any phobias about it. She just wasn’t fond of being touched, especially by someone like Sharon. She knew the woman would rather give a hug to a stack of Benjamins than her any day.

Other than Stephanie, Gya didn’t have anyone she could really trust.

When Sharon released her, Gya thought about her fans that had come to the concert. “Was anyone hurt?”

Sharon shook her head and released her, moving to Stephanie to give her a hug, too. “The police have arrived. I’ve spoken to the lead officer.”

“What happened to the shooter?” Stephanie asked.

“He or she got away. I’m sure in no time the police will find the psycho.” Sharon was clearly concerned about the concert continuing on. “We all just need to relax.”

“Sharon, just cut the crap,” Stephanie said, her face red. “We may have to cut this tour short. I will not have Gya in danger.”