Healing Their Mate(2)

By: Bryce Evans

“You’re a vampire?” River croaked out as she stared at Jacky Boy.

“Yes, but I would never hurt you, River. Never! I promise,” Jacky Boy pleaded.

“I’m taking you home and you pack a bag then you hit the road. He knows I helped you escape by now. He will kill me…”

River could hear the fear in Jacky Boy’s voice. She placed her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. “Thank you, Jacky.”

Jacky Boy tried to smile at her. The crowbar he put over the basement door, locking Paddock and his men in, wouldn’t hold them long.

“I know you have a lot of questions so I wrote down everything I could to help you understand what is going on. It’s in the brown envelope on your table at home.” River looked over at Jacky Boy, shocked that he got into her apartment. “I went to your apartment first looking for you, and I’m sorry but I broke in and put the envelope on your table. Don’t get mad, River, but I packed you a bag. You already had some stuff in the black bag. It’s waiting on your bed in your apartment.” Reaching into his pocket, Jacky Boy pulled out some cash money and handed it to River.

“No, Jacky, this is your money. I have a little saved after taking the computer classes,” River said softly.

“You’re going to need it, River, for gas and food. I’m not joking when I said that Paddock would be coming for you. He won’t stop until he finds you. He will kill anyone who gets in his way. He…he is cold-blooded, River, and an evil son-of-a-bitch. He kills for fun. He would have raped and eventually killed you when he got what he wanted.”

“Where are you going to go, Jacky Boy?” River croaked out as she tried to get her emotions under control. She was listening to every word he told her, but her head was hurting so bad and she had just killed a man. Well not a man but a vampire.

“I heard there are some vampire clans up north near Colorado. I thought I would take a chance and try to go up there. I have to go south first and try to get them off your trail then backtrack. They will think we stuck together. At least that’s what I’m hoping,” Jacky Boy whispered the last part, praying his plan would work. “You need to head north. Everything you need to know is in the paperwork in your apartment. I hope to see you again, River, but don’t take a chance with him and let your guard down. He will send his men after you so please keep running far away from here,” Jacky Boy said as he glanced over at River who was silently staring out the window.

“Do you hear me? Are you listening to me, River?” Jacky Boy asked urgently.

River didn’t have time to think as Jacky Boy pulled up to her apartment. Getting out of the car, Jacky Boy looked at River then ran up the stairs. River got out of the car gaping at Jacky Boy who stood at the top of her stairs. River couldn’t believe any of this. She killed a man and now she was on the run from vampires.

Jacky Boy yelled down at her. “Hurry, River. He may already be on his way here.” This brought River out of the haze she was in. She turned around, scanning the parking lot. When she didn’t see anything, River ran up the stairs and started looking around for anything she wanted to take. Jacky Boy brought a black bag out of her bedroom and laid it on the table beside the brown envelope. He grabbed it and placed it inside her bag. River ran to her refrigerator and got down on her knees. Pulling the grate back from the bottom, River reached in and pulled out a black box. River then got up and put the box in the black bag.

“I don’t need anything else,” River said as she looked around her small apartment.

“Let’s go now,” Jacky Boy said as he pulled River toward her car.

Running down the stairs, River had to stop for a second. Her adrenaline had dumped and now she felt like her legs wouldn’t move. Jacky opened up the car door and pulled her into the seat. River got in the car and stared out the window. Jacky Boy stood outside her door kneeling down in front of the window. “You will be okay. I will see you again one day.” River looked over at Jacky Boy with tears in her eyes. She knew they would find him. She could feel it. This would be the last time she saw Jacky Boy. “Remember, get far away from here before you stop.” River placed her hand on Jacky Boy’s hand.