Hard to Get (A Haven's Cove Novel Book 2)

By: Jaclyn Quinn

This book is dedicated to my parents.

No matter what decisions I’ve made in my life, you have always been there for me. I’m so incredibly grateful to know you will always be in my corner.

I love you!

His dark, wavy hair was matted to his brow, skin glistening with a sheen of sweat. Exertion made his whole body tremble as his hard shaft was worked. He looked above him, seeing the rugged blond staring down at him, his baby blue eyes piercing, need pouring out of them. The man’s tanned, muscular chest was broad, sprinkled with dark blond hair to match the messy mop on top of his head and scruff of his close-cut beard.

Gabe gazed at the blond, felt the strong hand on his cock, stroking deliciously slow. He closed his eyes, feeling the hot breath of the gorgeous man on his neck. Everything about him entranced Gabe: his rough exterior, those huge, strong hands, his stubborn and mysterious nature. Gabe’s body responded as if he was high; that strong body above him was the most powerful drug, and his addiction was spiraling out of control.

His muscles tensed, warmth spreading throughout him like wildfire, aching with the need to come. That skilled hand moved faster, bringing Gabe even higher, the thumb brushing over the tip of his swollen head. Another hand slid up Gabe’s chest, pinching his nipple hard, making him arch his back in arousal. Gabe didn’t want it to end, could stay in this moment for the rest of his life. The friction was getting harder to resist, his skin feeling like it was on fire. Too fast, a powerful orgasm slammed into him, tremors pulsing through his body, hot fluid exploding out of his cock and dripping down that hard working hand.

His own damn hand.

Licking his lips, Gabe slowly opened his eyes and looked down at the sticky mess he’d made. His chest heaved with the force of his release, and he tried to steady his breathing. He looked around the room, disappointed that, in fact, he was alone. The sinfully delicious man, with his gorgeous body and mysterious ways, only played the role of jerking off material in Gabe’s mind.

Was there anything that turned Gabe on more than rejection?

Nate Black had been playing more than hard to get for the last two months. He’d been playing impossible to even get to know―refused all of Gabe’s moves to even have a slight conversation. And it revved Gabe’s libido into overdrive. He hadn’t planned on staying in Haven’s Cove after Brody’s mother passed away, but the pull to that sexy, brooding man was stronger than even Gabe’s will to leave.

It was time to vacate the B&B and find a place to stay indefinitely. That’d show Mr. Black that he wasn’t going anywhere, because no matter how much Nate liked to pretend he didn’t notice Gabe—he did.

Oh, he did.

No doubt, Nate’s refusal to get anywhere near Gabe was because of his need to keep up the role of straight man, happily married to Mrs. Domesticated Housewife—otherwise known as, Mrs. Beard. Gabe hadn’t met the woman yet, but Nate wore the wedding ring to prove it. Nothing irked Gabe more than a gay man hiding who he really was behind the façade of some hetero marriage. Nate was gay; Gabe had absolutely no doubt. Nate tried to act like Gabe didn’t affect him, but he was full of shit.

Now that the guy had taken a job with Gabe’s best friend, Brody, Gabe had even more access to him. It was already working in his favor since that’s how he’d gotten to feast his eyes on the man without a shirt. Thank God for outdoor jobs in the summer.

Gabe finally dragged his ass out of bed and into the shower to wash away his fantasies. They wouldn’t be fantasies for long if he had anything to say about it. If there was one thing that Gabe had learned from his ruthless parents, it was that you didn’t give up until you got what you wanted.

Nate Black didn’t stand a chance.

“Where do you want to get lunch today?” Nate asked, wiping his sweaty brow with the handkerchief he kept in his back pocket. The sun was brutal, and it was only getting hotter as the day went on. They still had another five hours before they would pack it in.

Brody pulled two bottles of water out of the cooler and tossed one to Nate. “Max’s, I guess. I could use a burger since we had pizza yesterday.” Brody looked just as bad as Nate felt in this heat. His brown hair was slicked with sweat and long enough to brush his neck. Nate didn’t know how he could stand it; just looking at the guy made Nate wipe his own neck again with his handkerchief.