Happy's Joy:Cade Creek 19

By: Stormy Glenn

Happy’s Joy

Happy and Marc have been together for a couple of years and things are going good for them. Once they bring a puppy into the family, Happy starts to wonder if they need to expand their family. He's positive Marc would make an excellent father, even if he's a little unsure if he would himself.

Deputy Marc Walker had no idea when he rescued Joy that she would come to mean so much to him and Happy. She was the little girl he had always dreamed about, and she was in need of his protection and the love of life only Happy could provide.

When someone comes for Joy, Marc has to decide if giving Joy up is the best thing for her or if it will destroy the sweet little girl he has come to adore. He'll need to call in his friends and co-workers to help keep her safe while they figure out who is after her.

Chapter One

“Did you pick up the fireworks?”

“Yes, love.” Marc Walker smiled at his husband’s exuberance. “I picked up plenty of fireworks.”

Happy was so excited he was bouncing on the heels of his feet. This was his first real Fourth of July celebration. They were planning to attend the potluck and fireworks celebration down at the fairgrounds. Everyone was coming, practically the whole town.

Marc doubted Happy had a clue how big this thing really was. The sparklers and firecrackers he’d picked up at the store were nothing compared to the show the Blaecleah brothers were going to put on once the sun went down. It was going to be epic.

“I can’t wait,” Happy said. “I’ve never seen real fireworks. Just the ones on TV.”

“I know,” Marc replied. “But remember what I said?”

“Yes. No lighting fireworks without a bucket of water close by, no running with fireworks, and no lighting them near any trees.”

Marc nodded.

“Oh, and keep an eye on the little kids.”

Marc hated that he sometimes had to treat Happy like a little kid, but the man simply hadn’t had that much exposure to the world. He had no doubt that if Happy truly wanted to learn something, he’d learn it. Happy was smart as a whip. He just lacked knowledge. If he’d never experienced fireworks, he needed to be told the rules.

“I made the potato salad and cookies.” Happy’s face was very serious when he looked at Marc. “You can never have too many cookies.”

Well, you could, but Marc wasn’t going to tell Happy that. Luckily, the man knew when enough was enough and stopped eating them after just a few. He’d learned that lesson the hard way after eating an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies once. He’d been sick for days.

“I’m going to go change out of my uniform, and then we can head out.”

Happy’s eyes rounded then grew misty. “Need some help?”

Marc grinned. “Always.”

It would mean they would be a little late getting to the festivities, but he’d never turn down a little one-on-one time with Happy.

Marc laughed when Happy grabbed him and lifted him up over his shoulder. Happy had the sweetest soul God ever created, but he was still built like a brick shithouse. He had muscles on top of muscles. Marc had spent many an evening licking very damn one of them.

Happy carried him down the hallway to their bedroom then carefully set him on his feet. Marc couldn’t help but smile when Happy began undressing him, starting with his shoes and working his way up until he stood there naked.

Happy stepped back and drew in a shaky breath. “I know guys aren’t supposed to be pretty, but you sure are.”

“I’m okay if you want to tell me I’m pretty, Happy. I like knowing you like how I look.”

“Yeah, but…” Happy swallowed tightly. “You’re really pretty.”

Marc’s smile couldn’t have gotten any bigger. There was something exciting about watching the lust burning in Happy’s blue eyes turn into an inferno as the man gazed at his naked body. It was good for Marc’s ego.

As he leaned in to kiss Happy, the man’s massive arms wrapped around him, turned him, and laid him down onto the mattress. Marc moaned brokenly, feeling the tenderness, the utter warmth of Happy’s touch, and the easy strength of his muscles as Happy held him close.

Happy’s lips trailed along Marc’s neck, moving steadily down to his hard, sensitive nipples. When his mouth covered one, Marc groaned at the sweet mingle of pleasure and pain. Happy’s tongue rasped over the tip, his mouth sucking at Marc with a strong motion that left him shaking and wanting for more.