Guess Who I Pulled Last Night(10)

By: Nikki Ashton

Chapter 3

Kerry and Kelvin lived on the other side of town to Charlotte and Bets, because of this Kerry often felt she missed out on quick cups of tea and girly chats, but deep down she knew that wasn’t true. It was to Kerry that the others went for advice and to tell their secrets, before telling the other one. Because she was married with a baby she had become the unofficial mother hen; a role that she really quite enjoyed at times. She knew her life was different; she had other responsibilities and she loved Kelvin and Esme more than anything. Sometimes she missed the old single days, but then she would think about what she had and realise that she was being silly.

Kerry had met Kelvin at high school and they had been childhood sweethearts throughout the third year. Then Kelvin’s hormones kicked in, and he discovered that some girls weren’t like Kerry and would let you feel their knockers if you asked them nicely. So ended a beautiful romance. Kerry wasn’t too bothered because she had discovered the boys’ school across town - in particular the sixth form - and in any case if Kelvin had been a little more persistent she would have most definitely let him feel her knockers.

They met up again while the girls were out celebrating Bet’s 25th birthday. They had been to a local Italian restaurant and had decided that they would re-live some old memories and go to the Filthy Gander. It was now a “fun pub," and that night – according to the poster on the window outside - was an “Old Skool 90’s night." The girls sat at their usual table, well it was in the same place, although Charlotte was convinced that she could make out CP 4 JD ’95, scratched into the veneer. Charlotte reminded the girls that JD was Jamie Daniels, the peanut in the ear patient, whom she had fancied like mad at the time. Suddenly, R Kelly blasted out from the DJ’s console.

“Ah ace, c’mon girls!” screamed Kerry, who was the first up for Bump N Grind. “Do you remember Kelvin Johnson and I used to dance to this at Meir Street Disco?” she shouted above the noise.

“Yes I do, and I remember Mr Brandon told you to stop dancing provocatively as you were only thirteen,” replied Charlotte. “Do you remember how much hair gel Kelvin used to wear?”

They carried on dancing for a while, the old tracks bringing back memories of school discos and furtive snogging with boys from the sixth form, when suddenly a look of astonishment crossed Bets’ face.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed, pointing over at the bar. “Look who’s over there!”

“Who?” Charlotte and Kerry chorused.

All three suddenly screamed and ran in the direction of two men who had also spotted them; the aforementioned Kelvin and his best friend at school, Russell.

“Bloody hell, I haven’t seen you three in years, how are you?”

“Fine, we were just talking about you.”

“Where’s all the hair gel?”

“Hello Russell, how are you? You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Cheers, I saw your brother last week.”

Everyone spoke at once, desperate to find out what the others had been doing. Kelvin suggested that they all went somewhere quieter to talk about the old days, so off they all trouped, chattering away.

Once they all had a drink in their hands different conversations were struck up once more, Russell talking to Charlotte and Bets, while Kelvin chatted to Kerry.

“So what are you doing with yourself? I’d heard that you’d moved to Newcastle and got engaged.” Kerry asked. She sipped her drink, looking intently at Kelvin over the rim of her glass. Suddenly and unexpectedly her heart started to hammer in her chest. Not bad, she thought: his hair, which was still golden blond, highlighted the blueness of his eyes, and she could see from his biceps that he worked out - not so much that he was muscle bound, but just enough to make him look sexy and strong. He also seemed taller than she remembered, and those dimples were so cute. She hadn’t seen him since the day that they had left high school, but even after nearly nine years he still gave her an adrenaline rush. This time though it was a much sexier feeling, not the same as when she was thirteen and trying out French kissing for the first time.