Guardians of The Demon Slayer(8)

By: Ruby Raine

"Lizzy, I promise, that's not going to happen. And hell, if it did, wouldn't change a damn thing. I'd just help you shave if that's what you wanted." And he was being genuinely serious in that it didn't matter to him. And yet something so silly only made her fall even deeper in love with the wolf, which she kept thinking was impossible. And yet it kept happening.

And before either of them thought better of it their mouths collided and hands scrambled to reach skin and bodies staggered down to the cool forest floor which did nothing to subdue the fire burning in their veins.

The world could have been coming to an end around them and they'd not have noticed. Which wasn't smart considering where they were and what was going on. And they both came to that irritating conclusion at the same annoying time and—damn it. Charlie's chest heaved but he lifted himself so he was balancing on his arms staring down at Lizzy's swelled lips that he wanted to taste for hours.

"God, Lizzy. I want you so fucking bad." He wanted to disappear with her and get lost in a mating frenzy for days upon days. To taste every inch of her skin. To just stare into each other's eyes without a single restraint of time or interruption. To make long sweet love to her under the stars as the waves lulled them out to sea.

But that was not going to happen until very, very late tonight. And definitely not in this potentially dangerous place when they expected an attack at any moment.

And didn't that chill the mood.

Lizzy grumbled out a long line of obscenities as they got up, smoothed out their clothes and dusted debris off themselves. But Charlie was right there with her riding the wave to frustration town. They'd survived this long though, what was a few more hours?

Easier to say when they weren't dealing with the moon's pull, which was already settling into their bones and they couldn't even see it rising yet. The human hormones were sidetracking enough, but add in the wolves and it was like a constant stream of fuck me, right now, being shoved into their veins.

Lizzy shuddered and ignored the pull of her bones that made it feel like they wanted to escape her skin. A hundred orgasms wasn't going to make this shift any different. But following the ache in her bones was the ever-present desire to claim her mate.

"Holy hell, Charlie. If something happens and we don't make it to our boat tonight, well, I might as well say goodbye now, because I'm pretty damned sure I'm going to spontaneously combust."

"Believe me, Lizzy Deane. Nothing is going to stop us from getting on that damn boat. Shit. I probably shouldn't have said that. I totally jinxed it now."

Lizzy chuckled and leaned into Charlie and he wrapped himself around his mate.

"I feel so weird." And then suddenly she was almost in tears. "Oh my God, for real?" she sniffled.

"It’s okay. Your body is going through a massive change. It's not going to act like you want tonight. Just go where it takes you."

"But crying is for other women. Not me."

"I won't hold it against you."

She pulled back and smacked his chest half-heartedly. She wiped her face and tried to shake it all off.

"We'd better get back."

Charlie nodded and held out his hand. She almost took it but instead, bit her lip and sighed. Another dose of get naughty hormones was about to hit. He dropped his hand, the jaw grinding starting up again. Yeah, a few feet of space was probably the better idea.

CHARLIE AND LIZZY STRODE back into the gully to rejoin the group, but there was no fanfare or teasing upon their arrival. Tensions were thick as the light in the sky overhead dimmed even more.

Courtney was the first to feel it. She pushed the air out of her lungs and stilled to attention. It hit Charlie and Mathew only seconds later. And then trickled down to Lizzy, Lucas, and Michael shortly after.

"What the hell is that?" Michael whispered coarsely.

"Power," Mathew answered in awe of it. "Pure magical power." It left a haunting haze surrounding them as they aimed their gazes in the direction of the Power Source.

"Wow." Lizzy had no other word for the feeling.

"Fucking-a-wow," Courtney agreed. It was like raw magic prickling across her skin.

And the only sound was their awed breaths.

The only sound.