Guardians of The Demon Slayer(5)

By: Ruby Raine

Equally, Lizzy hated that in this case, Charlie was sort of—kind of—maybe just a little bit right. In that some planning might have avoided this. However, in reality, no amount of planning could prepare for every eventuality. She had to stop questioning herself because now, it was what it was, and they'd have to deal with whatever was thrown at them.

And, Christ! If they waited for the perfect time to do something, they'd never move forward only stay put. There was never an ideal time unless you made it so.

Charlie's thoughts nudged into Lizzy's mind—he'd been thinking the same thing. It was almost a role reversal, or maybe just clearer heads seeing each other's point of view better after spending more time in each other's minds.

Melinda approached them.

"I'm going to head home for a bit. Try to refresh. I'll be back before you guys have to go." She meant of Charlie and Lizzy. "But holler if anything changes and you need me back here faster."

"All good. We have a few hours before we have to...." Charlie let the sentence fall and his gaze slid to his new mate. Their bond was getting stronger and more in tune with each other the closer they got to the moon rising. Lizzy had no way of hiding her current fears from him even though she wanted to.

Don't feel bad about what's going to happen, it's going to be a rough night here, or locked in our cell.

She caught his thought and tossed him a silent eyeroll.

You said you believe everything happens for a reason, he reminded as lightheartedly as possible.

Stop reminding me of all the things I've said. I've changed my mind, she shot back into his mind grumpily. Her skin was tight. Like it was being stretched from deep inside her own bones. And it wasn't an ache something like ibuprofen or even a bottle of damn tequila was going to ease. The reality that she was actually going to shift was sinking in. And she did not want to be, but she was scared shitless.

Inside the Power Source was one countdown clock.

Inside her own body was another.

The electricity in her gaze burned bright and blue, another sign that the wolf inside was winning out over her human side. It was also rather stunning, and Charlie's inner wolf could have just lingered in her stare, happily. And apparently, he was growling hungrily again without realizing.

"Seriously, oh my God! Go get a room." Melinda laughed.

Even Lizzy had to chuckle, because it was too easy to rile the wolf and if she was in her right mind she'd take full advantage. But the wolf beat her to the punch and shoved a thought into her mind that might as well have been his own damn fingers working magic all over her.

Charlie chuckled and then nodded his blushing face toward his sister who waved a haughty goodbye and left. Poor Michael and his empathy would take the brunt of it, as always. And the disgruntled frown on his face claimed so.

Charlie approached Lizzy.

"Let's walk the perimeter," he suggested, even though Michael and Courtney had done just that and had nothing to report. But the wolves both had some energy to burn and it was better than sitting around, waiting.

But the low chuckles and clearing throats as they left the gully all claimed the same thing; enjoy your walk. Because everyone was sure that's all that would happen. No frisky wolves fooling around going on whatsoever.

"You really are enjoying hanging out with vampires, aren't you?" teased Courtney.

Michael gave her a sarcastic chortle in reply.

"Your gift doesn't work on vampires?" assumed Annie.

"No. And that is a nice break," he admitted.

"And you were a witch, before you changed?" she aimed at Courtney.

"Yup. And you? Were you a witch too?"

"Me? No. Not a witch. Just a normal human." Living a wretched life on the streets that I've never missed even once.

Lucas chimed in. "From what Riley tells me, Annie, it's best to always tell the truth around you though." He passed her an easygoing smile.

"Yeah. I do have that, but no idea where it came from. Magic wasn't something I'd even heard of when I was still human."

"So, like, you can see the truth in things?" Courtney tried to understand.

Annie pegged her gaze on the new vampire. "I can tell when someone is lying to me." There was a hint of a dare in her reply.

"Handy gift." But Courtney ignored the dare.