Guardians of The Demon Slayer(45)

By: Ruby Raine

Lizzy whined and pouted when Charlie moved and her skin already missed his touch. He chuckled, but wasn't away for more than a few seconds while he grabbed something from his shorts pocket, which he'd hung off the back of a chair just out of reach.

She got the distinct impression he was excited about something. But he was trying very hard to block it all from her—a surprise, she guessed. Lizzy sat up and waited for him to explain.

"Should I get up?" she asked him.

"No. I'm coming back down in a sec." But he was staring so intently at her she almost dragged him back down for another long, languid kiss. His nerves bristled in his mind and she backed off that idea, because now he was the Charlie she recognized—busy overthinking something.

"Am not," he argued. "It's just, a big deal and I don't want to fuck it up."

Lizzy smiled at his adorable nervousness, but she couldn't imagine what had him all worked up—not after everything they'd done in the last twenty-four hours. That got a frustrated groan out of him.

"Lizzy—" he cut himself off and she pinched her eyes inward. "Lizzy, you're my mate, the love of my life, the future mother of our children, but—" he blew out a breath and Lizzy sat up a little straighter, because she didn't like the but part.

"Just spit it out, Charlie."

He could sense he was making her nervous which was not his point at all.

"Lizzy, I want to connect myself to you in every way possible. Not just as wolves, but as humans, too." He sank down to one knee boring his gaze into hers and opened the tiny velvet box he'd kept hidden in his pocket.

Her eyes got watery and she shook her head with a disbelieving smile.

"Is that a no?" he asked, confused.

She reached out and gently grasped his head in her hands.

"You're ridiculously romantic when you want to be, and still full of surprises."

"But I speak the truth, Lizzy. We've only ever talked about mating. We got pretty wrapped up in that part of things. But if you'll have me, I'd like to be your husband, too. Will you marry me?"

"Yes, Charlie. Of course, yes." They shared a sloppy wet kiss since Lizzy was suddenly unable to stop the giddy tears from falling. Charlie slid the ring onto her finger and she didn't think it was possible to feel more complete and whole. Her entire long life flashed before her eyes. All the hellish years had led her here, to this moment. She'd never been so certain that she was exactly where she belonged. And the ring was perfect, not just in fit, but the exact ring she'd have picked out for herself.

"Because I cheated," Charlie admitted. "I saw you ogling it in a window downtown."

"That wasn't cheating, Charlie. I ogled on purpose." But the fact that he'd noticed and remembered, was what made it so damned perfect. "Let's just hope our wedding day isn't a repeat of my first full moon."

"Shit. Let’s not think about that part."

"Mmmmm, you’re right. I don't need you overthinking." Nope, she had much dirtier thoughts on her mind that he agreed with perfectly, starting with making love out under the stars.

Newly mated.

Newly engaged.

A whole new life.