Fractured Breaths(10)

By: Zoey Derrick


“Hey man, I thought you were leaving tonight?” Tristan asks me as I take a seat at the bar. He’s back there working his magic and his charm. Though it’s not needed.

“I decided to hang around, check out the show. See the bar.” I smile at him as he washes some glasses. “Need a hand back there?”

“Nah, man, we’re good. Just getting ready for the madness to ensue,” he laughs. “What can I get you?”

“Crown, neat.”

“You got it.” He turns for the bottle behind him and more people filter into the bar.

Tonight, one of my good friends is playing Tristan and Cami’s bar in Phoenix and while I originally had no intention of bothering Liam tonight, I realized he needed something to do to keep his mind off that chick from the other night. For the last twenty-four hours, Liam has been on edge and on the phone with one of his buddies. All I could surmise from the conversations is he’s been trying to find out more information about her.

I shake my head, shaking off the memory of what happened. He refuses to tell me what the whole ordeal was about. Instead he ignores me or tells me to forget about it. I have a hard time doing that, and I don’t understand why.

She’s a fucking stripper. I remind myself for the thousandth time since Thursday night.

Imagine that headline.

“Did you and Cami get everything straightened out today?” Tristan asks as he slides my drink across the bar. I take him in for a minute. He’s gorgeous, of course. Who in Hollywood isn’t? He’s got shaggy, dirty blonde hair that makes the girls go crazy for him and a body to match. It’s hard to believe a man of his stature is tending bar at a club in Phoenix, Arizona, but his happiness is evident.

I know it wasn’t always this way, but a couple years ago he met his wife Cami and they have one son, Jaden.

Cami is the owner of Bold International, Inc., a huge Los Angeles based agency that specializes in celebrities, musicians and athlete services. It’s how I ended up with my own personal PR Rep, Raine, who is married to 69 Bottles drummer Dex Harris, when I moved companies a few months ago. I wanted Addison, but Cami insisted it was a conflict of interest given Addison’s blooming music career.

“We did,” I finally answer him. “The tour will start in September and run through early December. We’re also going to work on some dates after the New Year, but she wants to wait and see how these dates shake out.”

“Damn, that’s a long time,” he says with a shake of his head. “I have no idea how you do it, Bryan. I really don’t.”

I smile wide at him. “For the same reasons you get in front of the camera. It’s a high that never goes away, my friend.”

He holds up a glass, toasting me. “There is that.”

“To the high,” I smirk and we slam back our drinks.

Tristan puts his glass in the sink beneath him as someone calls for his attention. He holds up a finger, indicating for me to give him a minute. I nod and he moves to the end of the bar.

“Reese, what’s up, brother?” Tristan says to the man he’s helping. They smack their hands together before grabbing thumbs. I imagine there’d be a chest bump in there somewhere if the bar wasn’t between them.

“Not much, you ready for tonight?”

Tristan snorts, “You know it. What can I get you?”


“She’s here?” Tristan cuts him off to ask.

“Yeah man, Ireland was supposed to be here too, but someone whisked her away to New York.” Reese cocks an eyebrow at Tristan. “So it’s me and her.”

“Alright, I’ll let the other bartenders know.”

“Thanks, man.” Reese smiles. “I’ll have the Pina and an amaretto sour.”

“You got it,” Tristan says before coming back in front of me.

“I should ask you what that was all about,” I jest.

Tristan snorts a laugh and goes about making Reese’s drinks. “Nothing really. We have a regular who comes in here and likes to get drunk. She’s a friend of a friend, so we keep a close eye on her. The bartenders know to lighten her drinks. Despite that, she manages to get drunk anyway.”