Final Takedown (Alaskan Sabears #3)

By: Becca Van

Alaskan Sabears 3: Final Takedown

Katerina Petrov is running for her life. Before fleeing, she was a prima ballerina with the Russian Ballet Company—until she overheard the company’s dance director agreeing to hand her over to the Russian mafia boss.

Serge Moss and Ward Vaughan know as soon as they rescue the injured and unconscious woman that she is their mate. Kat’s life had been all about ballet, and though she’s drawn to Serge and Ward, she isn’t sure she can give up her passion. But with Russian mafia boss Vadim Sokolov after her, she has to rethink her whole life.

Ward and Serge want Katerina by their sides for the rest of their lives, but are they willing to let her go if she decides she can’t stay? None of them can ignore the mating heat, and when Kat overhears what will happen to the two men if she walks away, her decision is made.

She’ll also do anything to protect the people of Savoonga. Even give up her own life.


Katerina Petrov’s vision was blurry, and even though she blinked to try to clear her sight, it didn’t help. The roar of the boat’s engine was louder than the wind rushing past her ears, and although the temptation to close her eyes was strong, she forced them open again.

Kat was exhausted, hungry, and cold, but she couldn’t give up because if she did he would somehow find her. She’d been on the run for what seemed forever, but in actual fact was only three or four days. In all that time, she hadn’t slept or eaten and had barely taken the time to quench her thirst. A hysterical bubble of laughter rushed up from deep in her chest and escaped her dry, chapped lips.

She could see a dark shadow in the distance and hoped it was land rather than another boat. Her whole body was one big massive ache, and her right arm was throbbing like a bitch, and while she was cold to the bone, she was hot and shivering. She didn’t need a medical degree to know that the cut on her arm was infected, but at least she was alive.

Katerina had been a prima ballerina for the Russian Ballet only days before, and now her life was in tatters. There would be no more dancing or bowing to the applause from crowds after watching her and the other dancers dance Swan Lake.

Fear skittered up her spine as she remembered hearing the company director talking with a man she’d never met. However, when she heard the director, Alexei Smirnov, say the man’s name, she’d known she had no choice but to run. It didn’t matter that she’d left her clothes and a few personal effects behind, nor that her roommate would be worried about her. What mattered was that she was alive.

She’d had no idea that the company director had been or was friends with the notorious Russian Mafia mob boss, Vadim Sokolov, until she heard the men making plans about her. Luckily, they hadn’t been aware of her presence since she hadn’t had the chance to knock on the slightly ajar office door. If she had, she’d probably be in the hands of that monster.

Sokolov was renowned for arms dealing, prostitution, flesh pedaling, and God knows what else. She’d heard him ordering Alexei to set up a meeting with her and then gone on to explain that he wanted her for his woman.

Katerina had no clue how she managed to leave without alerting them to her presence, but moments later, she’d been in a taxi on her way to the Moscow airport. Her escape hadn’t been without incident, and she’d spotted a couple of Sokolov’s henchmen just as she was boarding the plane. Her first instinct was to board an international flight and head back to the US where she’d grown up, but when she’d been at the check-in counter, the knot of dread in her gut had grown bigger and the hair on her nape had stood on end. She’d learned from a young age to trust her instincts and had bought and paid for a ticket to Vladivostok International Airport. Then she’d taken another flight to Pevek Airport hoping against hope that she would be able to dodge Sokolov’s men. She wasn’t stupid and knew when he realized she’d flown the coop he would send his henchmen after her. He was the type of man who wouldn’t rest until he had what he wanted and didn’t care who he hurt in the process.

Kat had been on pins and needles the whole time she was in the air, too tense to relax and get some much-needed sleep. She’d known as soon as she disembarked from the plane that the Mafia boss’s men had beat her there. How they’d been able to track her she had no idea but then hadn’t been the time to think about that. All her concentration had been needed to plan, but no matter how hard she tried to decide what to do, nothing came to her other than running.