Healing Hearts 2: Fight for Freedom

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

North has a secret. She is in hiding in Mercy, South Carolina after surviving being abused, drugged, and sold to a drug dealing terrorist by her own brother. Her scars run deep but she is determined to live a somewhat normal life, even knowing that she might forever be looking over her shoulder waiting for Forester to find her and take her back. She’s established a real estate career, has made good friends, and keeps to herself.

Until her friend’s three cousins return from a mission and seem to show interest in her. One thing leads to another, and not only is she fighting for her freedom, and trying to keep them unaware of her past to keep them alive, but she is being hunted, and as she lets down her guard, Forester attacks.

It’s a race against time to locate her in Costa Rica, but her men are resourceful, and there’s nothing a bunch of crazy determined mercenaries won’t do to get their woman back in their arms and kill the man who holds her life in his hands.


Dear readers,

Thank you for purchasing this legal copy of Fight for Freedom.

Healing a broken heart and soul is not an easy process. It takes time to heal, and being around the right people can help immensely. It can help a woman to forget a man who broke her heart, destroyed her self confidence, and scarred her soul, so that she can move on and be free to love again if she so chooses.

North is on a journey to forget, to heal, and appreciate being alive. So when she begins to have feelings for three men she hardly knows, she panics, because not only does she feel she has no right to care, anyone close to her will become the hunted, too, and will die for loving her.

May you enjoy her journey, as the power of love, and the determination of three resourceful men, pick up the pieces of her broken heart, teach her to trust and love again, and move heaven and earth to save her from the one man who’s responsible for all her pain.

Happy reading.



Chapter One

North Canty shuddered in the dark corner of the basement. There was nowhere else to turn to hide from his wrath.

“North, come to me now and I’ll go easy on you,” Forester yelled to her. She could hear his footsteps. Hear his strong accent. He was getting closer.

She slid down against the corner of the wall behind the boxes. Her face throbbed, her lips and her eyes swelled, and there was this pinching pain in them. He attacked her, beat her, and she barely escaped his rage. That pinky ring he wore scratched her neck. She clenched her eyes closed and wished he wouldn’t find her.

The party was going on upstairs. People saw what he did, what he said to her and how he struck her. She didn’t know if she were better off running or remaining there where witnesses were. What if he drugged her? These men drugged women all the time and took what they wanted. He’d done that to her before, to make her comply to his wishes, his games.

Since no one intervened, no one would dare defy Forester, she ran through the house. His buddies blocked the door at the kitchen, and she was so scared she ran down the stairs to the basement, past the people playing pool, and enjoying the game room and went way back into the unfinished part. They looked at her but then heard Forester yelling and they froze. They went back to playing. They would be no help to her. She hurried through the doorway to the part of the basement that had sliding glass doors she could escape through. She gasped when she saw through the glass, Gordo and Pulta, guards of Forester, standing there blocking it.

She jumped as the door to this side of the basement slammed closed. She couldn’t breathe. Her heart was racing, and there was no one to help her. This was it. Forester was going to kill her.

She cuddled in the corner, her knees to her chest. She was caught in a world that would be the death of her. Perhaps today was the day.

“I hear your breathing. You caused a scene up there, and you disobeyed an order. You don’t run away from me, North!” He yelled his words in anger, and she jerked when she heard the slap of his belt against his hand. She clenched her swollen eyes tight and started to rock and beg for someone to help her. How did she wind up here? How did she wind up being the obsession of Forester Colon?

She made so many mistakes. She fell for his lies, his charms, his money and his promise to help clear her brother Tyler’s debt to some South American terrorist. Tears poured from her eyes. Forester killed Tyler. Her brother was dead, and she wanted nothing to do with Forester now, with these people he surrounded himself with, and tonight she planned on leaving. She didn’t want to believe Forester’s words, his revelation that Tyler sold her off to Forester. My brother sold me to this monster? How could you do that to me? How could you make me part of this? I’m a human being. You can’t sell a human being.