Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxxwell

By: Lexi Maxxwell

Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxxwell

Contains previously published Lexi titles including Swallowing Secrets 1-4, Sex & Money Series 1-4, Talking Dirty Series 1-4, Random Encounters Series 1-4, Lexi Maxxwell’s Holiday Series, and The XXX Files Episode 1


The book Fifty Shades of Grey has proven something you and I have known a long time already — readers LOVE to be turned on.

Fifty Shades took a genre once hidden beneath brown wrappers, and brought it into the mainstream, then slapped it on department store book shelves! I don’t know how many times I laughed out loud this last summer seeing Fifty Shades read by everything from moms to old ladies at the local pool.

Whether you want to call it smut, erotica, mommy porn, the name doesn’t matter — the ‘secret’ is out.

People love erotica!

I, and perhaps most erotica writers, owe a massive thanks to E.L. James for bringing Fifty Shades to the top of the publishing charts.

Readers new to the genre aren’t asking about other erotica titles so much as asking, “Are there other Fifty Shades-like books out there?”

The series has become synonymous with erotica, which is why I’m blatantly using the Fifty Shades moniker to draw attention to a collection of the Best-of Lexi Maxxwell to date.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a bondage-type book. But it is, as many of my readers have said in reviews and email, DAMN hot!

Originally I was going to call this book, Lexi’s Box or something similarly cheeky. But when a friend suggested Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxxwell, I laughed, then said, “You know — that’s not a bad idea!”

A bulk of this book consists of the complete Swallowing Series series (to date), and its spin-offs, Sex & Money and Talking Dirty, which consist of a core group of characters and has some lighthearted continuity to it.

Also included in this collection are all of my holiday stories published so far. The Valentine’s Day stories are included up top, with the Swallowing Secrets stuff, as the Valentines Day stories include those characters. The rest are one-off stories, which you’ll find after Talking Dirty.

I’m also includingRandom Encounter stories, and an essay I originally posted at my website about why erotica readers are happier than many other types of people.

We finish this collection with the first episode of my first proper serial, The XXX Files, a sexy, humorous, action-packed series with a nod to one of my favorite shows, The X Files. This has really become it’s own series, and I absolutely loved writing it.

In the coming months, I’ll be releasing more The XXX Files stories and my first feature-length book with more emphasis on romance, which I’ll be writing under the name Autumn Cole.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Swallowing Secrets Books 1-4

the truth, like a blowjob, is sticky

1 — Kirsty Poole: The Cost Of A Cumshot

Kirsty descended the steps of her office building, passing the stone gargoyles on guard at the front, then around the corner to the old lamppost beside the bus stop.

The lamppost was ancient beneath the billboard, blinking between two ads. The first displayed a 20-something, ridiculously pleased with his touchscreen cell phone. The next showed a woman in black stilettos and crimson lingerie, the single word Tonight, beneath her full, red lips, hovering above a bottle of expensive looking scotch.

Kirsty leaned against the lamppost, back to the billboard, waiting for her boyfriend, Damon.

It had been a long day. Fridays usually ended at 4:00, per her contract. That meant she was usually seeping in hot water and bubbles by 6:00, while Damon stood guard at the front door waiting on the pizza. She waited all week for Fridays – the city’s best pizza from D’Angelo’s, a bottle of red from Coppola and a fuckfest from Damon.

Always once and often twice.

At least it used to be.

Problem was, Friday’s shine had dulled. Damon was working way too much, and had been for three months. At least that’s the lie she kept believing. Kirsty didn’t exactly smell another woman, but a guy who had shot his thick load in, on or around her for nearly every day of their first two years together didn’t stop without a reason.

Maybe it was work, but maybe it was something else.

Seemed like the space between them was quickly filling with things neither wanted to say. They had a plan to thin some distance tonight, but Kirsty got a last minute call to burn the oil into the weekend, preparing for Gerald, the new guy starting Monday.

Gerald would be taking over the McKinley and Ackerman accounts, and required a full briefing first thing Monday morning.