Falling for the Flyboy

By: Trish Milburn


Who knew the devil would come back to plague mankind in the form of a pair of sexy, red slingback heels? Amanda Perry, wearer of the demonic shoes, twisted her ankle as she hurried through the endless airport terminal. She bit her lower lip to keep from cursing and stooped to remove the shoes, a pair she’d bought to celebrate two whole days off to spend with her husband.

As she rubbed the top of her foot, she wondered when she’d last tortured her feet with three-inch heels. Her senior prom? Those shoes had been bought to impress a guy, too. But Benji Walker had been nothing compared to her David. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he saw her.

With a grimace, she resumed her trek down the corridor. Not for the first time she marveled at the size of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the city’s transportation hub. A complex roughly twice the size of her hometown of Jubilee, Georgia. Jubilee seemed light years away from her non-stop life in Atlanta.

Her ankle throbbed as she tried to increase her pace. She was already running behind, and she couldn’t even see the point where she typically waited for David when he flew home.

If she hadn’t paid a small fortune for those damnable red shoes, she’d fling them in the next trash can she passed. She could have been to the Florida state line and back if she hadn’t discarded her normal tennis shoes and loose cotton pants for a low-cut, strawberry red dress and shoes she hoped would make David’s homecoming extra special.

They both worked such long hours and David traveled so often they didn’t get to spend as much time together as she’d like. This weekend, she would turn off the phone and hold her husband hostage in their bedroom. Not that he wouldn’t be a willing hostage.

Her heart thumped wildly, partly because of her dash through the airport, but also at the thought of slipping beneath the covers with the man she loved more than life itself. Her heart swelled just as it always did when she was about to see David after being apart.

With her breath coming in gasps, she finally made it to the area where she could wait for him in a seating area outside the security checkpoint. A few people with droopy eyes watched the news. A couple had their feet propped up in the chairs across from them, attempting to take a nap. A toddler who seemed more awake than anyone jabbered while waving at the agent manning the security checkpoint. The only thing missing was a plane, not that she could even see David’s gate from this vantage point.

She looked up at the screen of arrivals and departures. When she located David’s flight from Minneapolis, she noticed it was thirty minutes behind schedule. Amanda sighed, fatigue suddenly settling on her shoulders. No matter how much she enjoyed welcoming him home, David was going to have to start taking a cab when he flew in so late. Midnights at the airport were wearing her out.

After working for fourteen hours, she’d quickly changed and rushed to the airport armed only with adrenaline and some industrial-strength java. When David flew in at night, she didn’t bother fighting the traffic to their new house on the north side of town only to have to turn around and backtrack. The problem with spending the extra hours at her office was she ended up working and losing track of time. That’s why she’d had to risk a speeding ticket tonight.

By the time she’d left the ad agency, advertisements for water heaters were strangely mixing in her head with those for lingerie.

If she sat down now, she’d end up asleep and blow the entire siren-in-red effect. At this rate, she and her husband might have to have a little rendezvous in one of the airport lounges because she wasn’t going to be too amorous by the time they got home. All she’d want to snuggle up with was a pair of cotton pajamas and a fluffy pillow.

She limped to the restroom and bent to put on the heels before stepping inside. After refreshing her makeup, she looked down at her shoes with a sigh. She was pretty sure her ankle was going to be swollen in the morning, but her more sensible shoes were in her gym bag in the car.

“Sunbright Airlines would like to announce Flight 1910 from Minneapolis is on final approach,” a young woman’s voice said over the intercom. “Arrival at Gate E14 is estimated in five minutes.”