Fall With Me

By: Jayne Frost

To Matthew and Victoria

I didn’t write this book for you, but because of you.

You are my inspirations in all I do.

I love you with all my heart.

Chapter One

I swung my truck into a parking space at Hut’s burgers and then glanced at Logan in the passenger seat. He shot me a wide smile, his face half-hidden under the black Batman mask we’d picked up at Party City on the way here.

“You look fucking ridiculous,” I said, dropping my gaze to his tattered jeans and long-sleeved “roadie” t-shirt. “That’s not even a costume.”

“Is too,” Logan retorted, pulling down the visor to check his reflection. “I’m Batman.”

Even under the stupid mask, I could tell he was waggling his brows.

“No,” I pushed the door open to my truck and shot back, “you’re a moron in a black mask.”

Falling into step beside me as we crossed the parking lot, he tugged the sleeves down on his shirt to cover his signature tattoos.

“Look, its Halloween,” he whined. “You told me we could stop and get some grub if I didn’t draw attention to myself.” Smiling, he motioned to his mask. “Done.”

Pausing as we passed a group dressed like the entire cast from Star Wars, Logan ogled the chick in the gold bikini with her hair wrapped in tight buns around her ears.

“Princess Leia.” He nodded appreciatively. “You look hot. You want to visit the ‘bat cave’?”

You want to visit the bat cave? Seriously?

If anyone else used a line like that, they’d get their ass handed to them. But not Logan. Even with half of his face covered, that cocky grin of his got the girl to stop in her tracks. Since I wasn’t wearing a costume, and my face was nearly as recognizable, I stared down at my boots and didn’t make eye contact with the chick.

Leia pulled out of her trance and shuffled closer to the guy in the Luke Skywalker costume. “I don’t go out with bats,” she sniffed. “Sorry.”

From the way her eyes raked over Logan’s lean frame, she was sorry. Sorry that her boyfriend was there.

“But you date your brother?” Logan retorted, shifting his amused gaze to the guy at her side. “You do know that Princess Leia and Luke are brother and sister?”

He laughed when the couple shifted uncomfortably at the revelation.

Tugging his sleeve, I grumbled, “Dude, let’s go. I’m not going to debate fictitious genealogy with these two.”

Shaking my head, I wandered toward the packed restaurant, hoping like hell Logan was behind me. With those long legs of his, he passed me a couple seconds later.

“Get the stick out of your ass, Wikipedia,” he chided, holding the door open for me. “You’re ruining my fun.”

“This isn’t smart.” Following him inside, I gazed over all the crowded tables. “This place is balls to the walls.”

“You should have worn a costume if you were worried about it.”

I bumped into his back when he slowed to a snail’s pace to gawk at a booth full of girls clad in tight tank tops and cut-offs. A smile tugged his as he admired a sexy brunette.

Twirling her hair around her finger, she cocked her head as she tried to place him. Her eyes drifted over his shoulder to the dirty window where the billboard for our band was clearly visible across the street.

When I saw the glint of recognition on the chicks face, I nudged him toward the counter.

“Keep walking,” I hissed.

Reluctantly, he did as I asked.

“Relax, Wikipedia,” he said, taking his place behind a line of patrons waiting to place their orders. “You look like you’re chewing on a turd. Maybe that’s why you don’t get laid.”

Ignoring him, I picked up a worn menu from the counter. “Yeah, that gets me in the mood to enjoy this mystery meat you insist on eating.”

He rocked back on his heels. “You can look all day long.” His grin widened. “None of those double-meat burgers are going to turn into a salad.”

Hut’s did, in fact, have salads. And at any other burger joint that’s what I’d be ordering. But I wasn’t going to pass up a golden opportunity to sink my teeth into a Big Bopper. Not that Logan needed to know that.