Every Heavenly Moment (Hyena Heat Five)

By: R. E. Butler

Hyena shifter Heaven Gable has known since the moment she met wolf brothers Kross and Kayne Callahan that they were meant to be her mates. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want anything to do with her, and she finds herself feeling worthless and unlovable.

Kross and Kayne never meant to hurt Heaven by staying away from her. Both males have demons haunting them from their pasts, but they’re willing to face them if Heaven will give them a chance to prove they’re worthy. When they convince her to spend time in Beyton so they can romance her properly, they find themselves as acting alphas for the month while their dad goes on an impromptu vacation.

Disgruntled low-ranked wolves within the pack decide to use the opportunity of the alpha’s absence to take over. When Heaven gets caught in the crossfire of the wolves’ battle for dominance, will Kross and Kayne be able to save her, or will they lose the only person who matters?

Hyenas aren’t the only ones who love their mates fiercely. Kross and Kayne will do everything in their power to prove to Heaven that they can be the right mates for her, and that they’ll do anything to keep her safe and keep her forever. Expect plenty of howling, shifting, neck-biting, alpha males, and red-hot loving. Contains m/f/m interaction.

Chapter 1

She-hyena Heaven Gable ran a brush through her long, blonde hair and sighed. The reflection in the mirror over the bathroom sink looked amazing – beautiful black dress cut just low enough to give a peek of cleavage, hair curled at the ends for some bounce, and makeup done just right – but she couldn’t deny that her eyes ruined the effect. She was freaking miserable, and it was very clear as she stared at herself in the mirror that she was never going to be happy. Ever.

Jesse, one of her three dads, called for her from downstairs, reminding her that she had a date with three hyenas from a baro in Baltimore. The date had been arranged by one of the hyena clans in her own baro in Ocean City, Maryland. The well-meaning clan had seen how unhappy she was and decided to show her that there were other clans who would want to be mated to her.

Not having a clan wasn’t the source of her misery, or the reason her beast was so unsettled that some days she felt like she was going to twitch out of her skin. There were two wolves in a small town in New Jersey who were her truemates. She’d met them at the same time she’d met her long-lost cousin, Whisper, who had been kidnapped as a toddler. Fireworks had gone off in her mind when she met the two wolf brothers, whose names she couldn’t even bring herself to think now. They’d promptly disappeared after meeting her, and didn’t seem to want anything to do with her.

It burned in a special way that the two males who were supposed to want to be with her didn’t. She felt shitty. The bedroom door opened and her mom stepped inside, closing it quietly and joining Heaven in the tiny bathroom. Heaven hadn’t lived at home in several years, but she’d felt like meeting the clan at her parents’ place would be prudent.

Her mom leaned against the door jamb. “You look lovely, honey.”


Heaven ran the brush through her hair once more and slapped it down on the counter.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“Don’t I?” Tears stung her eyes and she blinked rapidly to make them go away. The ache in her heart, however, didn’t. “Everyone looks at me like I’m pathetic. I can’t stand it.”

“So go to Beyton and confront them. You don’t know what’s going on with them that might’ve caused the separation.”

Heaven laughed, the sound dark and devoid of happiness. She reached for her phone and opened the browser, selecting the page she’d been practically stalking since meeting the wolves. They were part of a band named Silver Moon, which played at a pack-owned bar. Just last night they’d been partying the night away, according to the video uploaded to the bar’s website.

She played the video, turning the screen toward her mom so she could see that the two wolves seemed to be just fine and dandy, able to play without missing a beat. They didn’t appear to be under the same strain as she was. She could hardly concentrate some days.

Her mom pressed the screen and stopped the video. “So?”

“So? They don’t even seem to be affected by not being with me. I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate. I just…want them, and it’s killing me.”

“Then go get them,” she said firmly.

“I shouldn’t have to,” Heaven said, feeling pathetic. “I shouldn’t have to hunt them down and force them to be with me. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”