Dragon Void (Immortal Dragons Book 2)(6)

By: Ophelia Bell

“She begged us to spare him then. We had no idea what he would turn into—what he would use our blood for. By the time we got to him, we had no choice but to negotiate. The important thing is that we got her blood back, and she is yours now.”

Iszak’s glare softened at the mention of Belah and he nodded. “I would have done the same, and I would trade my own blood for Evie’s life right now, if I thought it would work.”

“You won’t have to,” Ked said. “The one small blessing is that their leader is not here. Only the three Elites are, and by your accounts, one of them is out of commission. The other two… will be a challenge, if I run into them. Thanks to having mine and my brothers’ blood in their veins, they have more power than I have on my own.”

Lukas stood and came forward, a fierce look in his eyes. “Enough power to fight all five of us if we go in together? Why shouldn’t we take the whole compound, release their captives? There’s so much suffering inside.”

“An army of normal hunters could easily overtake you two,” Ked said. “Two Elites may not be enough to overtake me and my brothers all at once, but there would be too much collateral damage if they believed they were under siege. I don’t want to risk your sister being harmed before we can get to her. The other captives will have to wait. We’ll come up with a plan to help them soon.”

The North brothers had equally grim looks, but nodded in spite of their obvious disappointment at not being allowed to go in fighting. It had to be Ked alone for this. He was the only one of the three Immortal brothers who could get in and out of the compound without having to breach their exits. He could have gotten in without any assistance, but didn’t know what kind of state Evie would be in once he found her, and teleporting with a passenger was never very easy on the passenger. Having her brothers right outside would ensure she knew she was safe at the end of it. He would keep his other reason for saving her to himself until she was fully recovered.

With a glance, Ked’s brothers both nodded and launched themselves into the air. He followed them to the compound and the three of them circled once. Aodh and Gavra both released thick clouds of red and white smoke from their nostrils that swirled and sparked in the night air, descending snake-like to the open vents scattered along the roof. Ked focused his energy until he became his own breath, his body dissipating into darkness that sank like black fog. As the embodiment of shadows, he waited, watching the last of his brothers’ breath finally disappear down the open vents.

They would send their breaths through the corridors, blending both the calming white smoke and arousing red that would intoxicate the residents, hopefully leaving them lethargic and more concerned with pleasure than alertness. With any luck, no one would be the wiser after Ked got in and out again with Evie. The Elites were still the wildcards. They would recognize the smoke for what it was, but with any luck, Ked would have enough time to get Evie out before it dawned on them.

Aodh and Gavra circled one last time and then flew back toward the clearing, signaling Ked that it was time.

With barely a thought, Ked filtered his shadows through the vents, letting pieces of himself spread through the ventilation system and into every accessible room in the compound, searching. As mere shadows, he could be in almost any space he chose. Each piece of him explored, eliminating possible holding locations before combining and working his way down from ground level to subterranean level. He had no idea how deep the place went, but as he crept around the dimly lit hallways, he sensed his brothers’ breath at work. Every so often he’d pass a closed door with the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking echoing from the other side.

He searched, fascinated by the labyrinthine architecture of the building. There were corridors upon corridors, some lined with doors, others that came out onto landings that faced the expanse of plate glass windows lining the side of the compound overlooking the ravine. Beyond, the mountain vistas stretched for miles, the dark ribbon of the river snaking through with patches of white water letting him know how treacherous the landscape really was outside this place.