Double Trouble:Men of 3X CONStruction - Book Seven

By: Erosa Knowles

Men of 3X CONStruction - Book Seven


This book was written for those of you who sent questions regarding Red’s brothers - the twins, Donald and Blaine from Ready for Love. Those two guys were edgy in that book and tell their story in Double Trouble.

This story is also for those of you wondering how Ross, Smoke, Red, Roark, Frank, Julio and yes, Tex – those hot sexy men from the Men of 3X CONStruction series – were doing. Sit back relax and catch up with old friends in this story. Hope your fond memories are rekindled as they all meet up again in Michigan.

A great big thank you to Tasha and Vicki for having my back on this one. Whew, you ladies rock, couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for all the talented authors in the Scandalous Heroes collection, I am truly honored.

A special thanks to all the readers who have accompanied the Men of 3X CONStruction through their ups and downs, love and heartaches. The men and the women that love them appreciate you, and so do I.


Chapter 1

Belinda Moore pulled into the parking area of the police station and exhaled. Closing her eyes for a moment, she allowed herself a second to relish the idea of at least one day where there were no fires to put out, no problems to fix, and no fake smiles to wear. Hell, she needed more than a moment to conjure that elusive vision. Opening her car door, she trudged up the stairs, through the thick doors, and headed to the high wooden partition where an officer sat behind really thick glass.

“I’m here to see L. Channing about my son,” she spoke into the round metal device embedded in the glass.

“Name?” the woman asked without looking up.

“Belinda Moore.” She paused and inhaled deeply as a shard of pain split her chest. “My son, Adam, was brought here earlier and I was called to pick him up, but I need to speak with Channing first.”

“I’ll let ’em know you’re here. Have a seat over there.” Her chin tipped up toward a space on the other side of the area.

Belinda gazed in the direction the woman pointed, looked back at the female behind the glass and realized she had been dismissed. Running her hand over her shoulder length hair, she headed in the direction of the uncomfortable hard plastic chairs. Before sitting, she pulled out her cell and called Abraham, her son and Adam’s twin, to check on things at home.

“I’m here, but I have to wait to speak to Channing. How’s your granddaddy?” She sat and crossed her legs while checking out the small waiting area. After snagging the last empty chair in the crowded space, she avoided looking directly in the eyes of any of the beleaguered faces nearby. No one enjoyed sitting in the police station.

“The CNA arrived right after you left. I told her you had an emergency come up with Adam and that you’d be back when you were done. I said it in front of him just in case…well, in case he can hear me beneath all the medication. She’s turning and cleaning him now.”

Belinda pressed her fingers to her forehead and lowered her eyes. Her father’s last surgery seemed to have made him worse. Right now all they could do was hope, pray, and wait. When she first arrived in Michigan, her dad had been bed-ridden and was in a great deal of pain. Seeing her and his grandsons went a long way in encouraging him to agree to this last surgery that would improve his quality of life. Watching her daddy struggle to survive his illness kept her on an emotional tilt-o-wheel. There were moments of pain, anger, and most of all, regret.

“Okay, thanks. I don’t know how long this will take. This isn’t Adam’s first time, so I just don’t know.... We’ll be home as soon as we can. Dinner’s on the stove, make sure you eat before it gets too late.”

“Will do,” He paused. “It’ll be okay. You know how Adam is, he’s having a hard time adjusting to Michigan. He didn’t want to leave Florida, especially the church and his friends.”

“He hadn’t wanted to leave Georgia either. And that was more like a prison camp.”

Abe snorted. “Yeah, but living with Ms. Trinity and going to her church after we moved to Florida wasn’t much of an improvement. That pastor went to prison for rape and Ms. Trinity got mad at you for leaving the church. Brainwashed people running around in those groups.”